‘You’ve ruined it all’ The Chase’s Bradley Walsh scolds Jenny Ryan after team loses £60k

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh welcomed four hopefuls called Karen, Mike, Abigail and Gareth, onto Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV game show. Karen took the brave decision to play against Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan for £47,000 which paid off as she landed herself a place in the final alongside Mike and Gareth. They were playing for £60,000, but the Chaser’s string of correct answers made them go home empty-handed. 

The first player to go against The Vixen was Gareth who was playing for £5,000.

He admitted to Bradley he wanted to compete against Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty and appeared disheartened when Jenny arrived. 

However, he soon managed to secure himself a place in the final where he waited to see if his teammates would join him. 

Mike was next up and he raised an impressive £8,000 during his cash builder round. 

He decided to play it safe and went head-to-head with Jenny for £8,000 in the second round made it into the final. 

Teacher Abigail was not as lucky as the men on the team and she was soon sent home after quickly being caught by The Vixen. 

During their round, Jenny also made various comments about Abigail’s hair which was a similar reddish tone to hers. 

The Vixen, who couldn’t resist commenting on their similarities, joked: “Your hair is Vixen red.”

But Abigail smiled and replied: “No, it’s Abigail red.” 

The last player to go up against Jenny was pianist Karen who raised £4,000 in her cash builder round. 

When asking her fellow teammates if she should play for £4,000 or £47,000 in the next round, both Gareth and Mike encouraged her to take the higher offer. 

A confident Karen shocked Bradley by choosing to play for the highest offer which meant the prize money would be brought to a total of £60,000 if she won the round. 

Karen’s risk was worth it as she made it through to the final smoothly following a strong round. 

The Vixen scoffed: “I couldn’t have caught her.” 

However, she added: “Karen did what the boys didn’t, she backed herself and took the higher offer.” 

Hoping to take hope £60,000, the trio were asked a series of tough questions in the final by Bradley. 

“The second minute went awry there completely,” Bradley told the finalists following their difficult round.

Unfortunately for the finalists, Jenny flew through her questions, with Bradley adding: “With 40 seconds remaining, that’s unbelievable, they had no chance.”  

“You’ve ruined it all for everyone,” Bradley quipped following the finalists’ loss. 

“The pressure of the final sometimes gets to teams for sure, sadly I am going to take the £60,000 home. This Chaser is very hard to beat.”

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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