‘Younger’s Debi Mazar Talks Nicole Ari Parker Joining Series As Her Love Interest; Writers Tease Season 6 Details – ATX

On the final day of the ATX Television Festival, audiences were treated to the season 6 premiere of Younger — and it is was filled with answers, drama and some shockers which you will have to watch for yourself on June 12 when it premieres on TV Land. After the screening, Younger writers Sarah Choi and Joe Murphy, as well as actress Debi Mazar, took the stage with moderator Emily Longeretta to talk about what we can expect for the new season.

For one, Mazar revealed: “This season, I have a really hot lover.” Empire‘s Nicole Ari Parker will be playing said lover and Mazar couldn’t be happier. She jokes that she grew tired of the “scrawny white girls” that she has dated on the show and is excited to have a woman of color on the cast — specifically in a time when audiences are inclusivity. Mazar points out: “It’s representative of the city we live in.”

Season 6 also has Kelsey (Duff) leaning into her new role as publisher at the freshly minted Millennial Print and Liza (Hilary Foster) and Charles (Peter Hermann) get acclimated to their new normal now that Charles is no longer running the business. The premiere addresses a lot of this as well as many other reveals throughout the episode. The panel talked about the Team Charles v. Team Josh dynamic among the masses. Even though Liza is now with Charles, Josh is still very present in her life — so that door may reopen.

Choi said, “The door was never closed.”

“It can be a revolving door as well,” adds Murphy.

Mazar said that her character Maggie has always been Team Josh. “I also think that Liza should play the field — Maggie has a slut mentality,” laughs Mazar.

Murphy chimes in that Maggie thinks for Liza, Josh represents a recapturing of her youth and Charles doesn’t necessarily fit into that.

Choi said that it is a good season for Charles as he goes on a new journey. To add to that, we see Liza and Charles’s relationship develop and Murphy teases that it is a very “be careful what you wish for” season for the couple.

Without spoiling anything, the debut has a very music-centric moment between three characters and Murphy teases that this may not be the last. He said that this is a big musical season with singing and dancing. How could you not with a cast that includes Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff?

The panel remained relatively tight-lipped on the new season but shared that characters who haven’t shared scenes in the past will have moments including Diana and Josh as well as Maggie and Charles.

As for the future of the popular Darren Star show, Murphy said he hopes the show goes on forever and that they don’t have an ending mapped out.

“The way that these characters have developed over the past five years you can’t set a path for them — they take a life on their own,” said Choi. “It’s not a Game of Thrones situation.”

With the character of Kelsey as a big-time publisher, Choi said that there is a very relevant theme of empowerment of women in the workplace. “It explores how they, as women in New York, all have a bias against them.”

Murphy talks about how this season explores gender politics not only in the workplace but also how it affects the world. He adds that the show gives us a look at “how great it could be if women could just run the world.”

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