Why does Shona not remember anyone in Coronation Street?

Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) has been away from Coronation Street for a few months now and her return, although welcomed by friends and family, has also been a difficult one.

The mum-of-one is unable to recognise anyone – even her husband David (Jack P Shepherd) or her son – and she doesn’t remember Weatherfield either.

Her time in the rehab facility in Leeds – where she’s been receiving help in order to get her memory back – is now over, but it seems that Shona still has a way to go before she’s back to her usual self again.

But why does Shona not remember anyone in Coronation Street and is there hope for her recovery in the future?

Why does Shona not remember anyone in Coronation Street?

Shona lost her memory as a result of the injuries she suffered during the dramatic siege on the street on Christmas Day.

She was shot as Gary and Derek wrestled for control of the gun in their final showdown.

Although her injuries initially didn’t seem serious, she later fell into a coma and, when she awoke, she was unable to remember who David and all those around her were.

The character is still struggling with memory loss now, but show producer Ian McLeod told that fans of Shona and David shouldn’t fret – as there is hope for them yet.

‘At the bottom of it all is a love story really – it’s interesting to see two characters who have been in love for years have to fall in love all over again when one has had a brain damage that has changed their personality,’ he told us.

‘Nobody has a long term desire to split them up so they will have a happy ending. They’re like cheese and crackers – none are good without the other. But it’s a very unique and emotionally complicated story.’

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