Why did Lisa Dingle have to leave Emmerdale?

After over two decades on the soap, Lisa Dingle has left Emmerdale.

In tragic scenes which aired last week, Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) died of a terminal condition just hours after she re-married her soulmate, Zak (Steve Halliwell).

Lisa had gone back home after they said their vows, with a view to preparing a gift for her husband.

But sadly, when Zak came home to find her on their sofa, he realised that his love had slipped away, and he broke down.

Now, as the Dingle family grieve for the loss of their beloved matriarch, many viewers have been left wondering: Why did Lisa Dingle have to die?

Why has Lisa Dingle left Emmerdale?

In previous scenes, we learned that Lisa had been diagnosed with a condition called Amyloidosis, and since treatment hadn’t worked, she’d been given mere months to live.

Speaking to, Jane said that the reason this storyline came about was because it was the ending that best suited her character.

She said: ‘I think it’s better really, I think it tells a complete story, and there’s a lot of people out there who are dealing with terminal illnesses.

‘So it tells the story properly I think, I could go to Spain for years or whatever, but I think it gives a truthful hopefully end to Lisa’s story.’

When it came to why Jane decided to leave Emmerdale in the first place, she told us: ‘I’ve been part of her for 23 years, so it’s a long time.’

‘But I’m 66 now, and I felt – I’m very young – but I wanted to not be working at this pace so much in the future, and I’ve got lots of other things that I want to do, not necessarily acting but there’s lots of things that I’m interested in, and if I didn’t do it now, I probably wouldn’t.’

As for how the rest of the Dingle clan will be able to cope without their matriarch, only time will tell.

Lisa had requested that her loved ones not shed tears for her passing, but that may well prove easier said than done…

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