Who's in the Temptation Island season 3 cast?

FANS are excited for the newest season of Temptation Island.

With it will come a whole new line-up of contestants – here's who you can expect to see.

Who is in the Temptation Island season 3 cast?

There are a mix of single women, single men and couples taking part.

Alexcys Homan

Alexcys, 24, is from California with a work hard play hard lifestyle.

She won't settle for less than she's worth but hopes to find a committed relationship.

Amanda Spain-Butts

Amanda, 24, is from Texas and is a studying microbiology.

She's come out of a long and unhealthy relationship.

Grace Hagan

New Yorker Grace is an account executive who's dating experience has mostly been through apps.

Isabel Thanmithak

Isabel, 27, is from Nevada.

She was recently single at the time of filming and wants to find a gentleman.

Katrina Koomen

Katrina, 22, is a model from Michigan.

She tends to go for older guys and enjoys competition.

Lauryn Stewart

Lauryn, 27, is a fitness trainer from Georgia.

She'd just come out of a divorce at the time of filming.

Madilynn "Maddy" Brown

Madilynn is a dancer and "serial dater" – she's looking for a boyfriend.

Maya Morsi

Maya, 32, is a web developer from California.

She struggles to find men who respect her.

Nickole Ciszak

Nickole, 22, is from New Jersey.

She works as a marketing manager and says she's the type to fall hard and fast.

Sophia Perez

Sophia is a makeup artist from Miami and owns a business.

She was newly single at the time of filming.

Lauren "Tula" Pointdexter

Tula, a former Miss Louisiana, has been engaged before but the partnership broke down.

She's from Maryland and works in digital content creation.

Alex Alvarez

Alex, 29, has a work hard play hard attitude, but he wants to make time for love.

Dr Blake Eyres

Blake is a dentist who is an outdoorsy type.

David Silvia

David, 27, is a sales representative.

He's always been one to party but is not looking to settle down.

Evan McFadden

Evan is a "mama's boy" and works in sales in California.

Griffin Libhart

Griffin, 25, is a former soccer player from Baltimore known for being a ladies man.

Jesse Stephanos

Jesse, 25, loves sport, owing to the fact that he's the son of an NFL athlete.

He's been on the dating scene for three years since his last split.

Juwan Hayes

Juwan is a former professional footballer who is now looking for marriage.

His mom's opinion means everything to him when it comes to the women he dates.

Lex Lindquist

Lex is an event planner living in Miami.

He finds relationships boring and wants someone who can keep his interest.

Rocky Buttery

Rocky, 31, is a model and supposedly loves having the attention.

Shaquille Urie

Shaquille is a personal trainer and model.

He's from Denver and he's looking for something serious.

Tom Triola

Tom is from a big Italian family and lives in New Jersey.

He's looking for commitment and owns a business.

Trent Jespersen

Trent is a real estate agent.

Chelsea & Thomas

This couple live in West Hollywood and have been dating for over a year.

Thomas, 37, is an actor, model and investment trader. He admits to finding commitment difficult historically.

Chelsea, 30, is a marketing coordinator.

Erica & Kendal

This pair have been dating for two and a half years.

Kendal is doubting his relationship with Erica, while she feels unappreciated.

Erin & Corey

Erin, 24, has dating professional athletes in the past, which makes Corey, 25, feel the need to compete.

Kristen & Julian

Kristen and Julian are childhood sweethearts, having been together for 11 years since the age of 15.

He's cheated on her twice in the past.

How can I watch Temptation Island season 3 on TV?

Temptation Island can be watched on USA Network and Fox.

In the UK it can be seen in Channel 4.

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