Who won America's Got Talent last year?

AMERICA'S Got Talent welcomes a wide range of talents every year to compete for $1 million.

Beyond the pandemic, last year was a year of first with new talents and new wins.

Who won America's Got Talent last year?

Brandon Leake was the first spoken-word poet on the talent competition and went on to become the first spoken-word poet to win the show.

The Stockton, California, native, proved he was a top contender from the beginning when he earned a Golden Buzzer during his audition from Howie Mandel.

Leake continued to wow the judges getting especially kind remarks from Mandel.

After his quarterfinals performance Mandel commented, "I've never been more moved in my life on this show by any other act. We need you on this show. We need in this world… You matter."

The 27-year-old walked away with the $1 million prize, a brand new Kia Stinger, and the chance to headline a show for AGT in Las Vegas.

Reflecting on his win Leake said, "This is a huge win for the spoken-word community. For an art form that has not been on the main stream ever to have a chance to win 'America's Got Talent' is bigger than anything."

"I am going to show the world what a spoken-word poet can do."

Who made it to the America's Got Talent finale?

Dwindling down from the 71 auditions the finale welcomed the top 10 talents for their last performance.

Five acts were eliminated first including singers Archie Williams and Kenadi Dodds, dancing team Bad Salsa, singer Daneliya Tuleshova and the acrobatic Bello Sisters.

The final five had singing duo Broken Roots in second place, singer Cristina Rae in third, singer Roberta Battaglia in fourth, and aerialist Alan Silva in fifth place.

All the finalists joined together with a special tribute performance of "Lean On Me" from Bill Withers who had recently passed away.

When does America's Got Talent return?

Season 16 will begin airing auditions for America's Got Talent starting Tuesday, June 1 on NBC with episodes airing weekly at 8 pm EST.

America's Got Talent airs on NBC and streams on Peacock and Hulu.

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