Who is Terry Kennedy's wife?

SKATEBOARDER Terry Kennedy has found himself behind bars.

The famous skateboarder is facing a murder charge – leaving his wife to face the backlash.

Who is Terry Kennedy's wife?

Kennedy is married to his wife called Sarah Kennedy.

Unlike her famous husband, she has kept herself out of the spotlight.

Not much is known about her, except that she is believed to be in her mid-30s.

We also know the couple share a daughter together called Phyllis Rose Kennedy.

Has Sarah Kennedy said anything on Terry Kennedy's murder case?

Due to the massive backlash against her husband, Sarah is maintaining privacy and has not spoken about the charges he faces.

Kennedy, 36, was taken into custody on July 27, 2021 after allegedly attacking a man at an Illinois motel and allegedly threatening to murder cops multiple times afterward.

The victim, another skater named Josiah Kassahun, 23, died of his injuries on August 1, 2021, according to TMZ.

Kassahun was reportedly left with a fractured skull and a concussion after last week's attack.

Kennedy fled the scene before being tracked down by cops, according to the outlet.

While he was initially booked for assault, it's possible that a manslaughter or murder charge may be added.

What else do we know about Terry Kennedy?

Kennedy has made his career off of being a professional skateboarder.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kennedy had an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Throughout the years, Kennedy has been on multiple reality TV shows, including Viva La Bam, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, and Bam's Unholy Union.

He can also be found in music videos for Snoop Dogg and Mistah Fab.

Over the years, Kennedy has also had multiple sponsors throughout his career, including Baker Skateboards, Venture, and Gold Wheels.

Kennedy is also the co-founded of Fly Society, a clothing and music brand.

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