Who is Bill Bailey's wife Kristen and how old is their son Dax?

COMEDY legend Bill Bailey was crowned winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2020.

The 53-year-old is known for his jokes, but what about his love life?

Who is Bill Bailey's wife Kristin?

Bill married his wife Kristin in 1998.

They met at one of Bill's gigs in 1987 when she was running a bar in Edinburgh.

Bill has said that he was immediately attracted to her "wild spirit".

After they first met, Bill went touring but kept in contact by writing Kristin letters every day for an entire year before they began dating in 1988.

Kristin is a former costume designer but now manages Bill's business affairs.

When did Bill and Kristin get married?

The couple were travelling around Asia when they spontaneously decided to get married.

He said: "We were travelling around Asia and sailed into a place called Banda, with a beautiful lagoon, and a smoking volcano on one side and a Dutch colonial fort, an old church and remains of a little town on the other.

"We decided to get married there and then."

Do Bill and Kristin have children?

The couple have a 14-year-old son Dax.

He appeared on Strictly to send a hilarious message to his dad.

The teen said: “Hi dad, good luck tonight, you’ll probably smash it.”

He joked: "Don't know how you got this far considering you're so clumsy.”

Dax, born in 2003, was named after a child Bill and Kristin met on their travels.

Bill spoke to the Guardian about his son's name: "Contrary to popular belief, Dax is not named after a Star Trek character.

"The name came from a friend of ours who married an Indonesian man.

"They had a son called Dax and we just always associated it with being in Indonesia and always said, 'If ever we have a child, that'll be in the running'."

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