What happened in Isley Brothers vs Earth, Wind & Fire Verzuz battle?

THE much anticipated Earth, Wind & Fire vs. the Isley Brothers VERZUZ took place on Sunday, April 4.

The groundbreaking Easter edition saw Steve Harvey and  D-Nice host the epic battle between the music legends.

Who won the Verzuz battle?

The Verzuz battle was won by The Isley Brothers. 

As usual with Versus battles, there was no official winner – it's up to the public to decide.

However, Billboard has reported that the Isley brothers finished the night as the People's Champ.

The media brand said: "Ronald Isley just has that inextinguishable star power that makes him transfixing whenever he's on the screen — and the voice that'd make him an icon even if he wasn't one of the most stylish dudes to ever put on a suit and shades."

Indeed, Ronald immediately impressed when he stepped out in a black and white floor-length fur coat. 

One fan tweeted: "The Isley Brothers hands down won this battle but this verzuz was by far my favorite".

What songs were used in each round?

There were a total of 25 rounds. Here's what the music legends brought to the table for each one…

Round 1:
Isley Brothers – Love the One You’re With
Earth, Wind & Fire – That’s the Way of the World

Round 2:
Isley Brothers – This Old Heart of Mine
Earth, Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove

Round 3:
Isley Brothers – Hello It’s Me
Earth, Wind & Fire – Keep Your Head to the Sky

Round 4:
Isley Brothers – At Your Best (You Are Love)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Reasons

Round 5:
Isley Brothers – Harvest for the World
Earth, Wind & Fire – Got to Get You Into My Life

Round 6:
Isley Brothers – Groove With You
Earth, Wind & Fire – Would You Mind

Round 7:
Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze
Earth, Wind & Fire – Be Ever Wonderful

Round 8:
Isley Brothers – It’s Your Thing
Earth, Wind & Fire – Devotion

Round 9:
Isley Brothers – Make Me Say
Earth, Wind & Fire – After the Love Has Gone

Round 10:
Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark
Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star

Round 11: 
Isley Brothers – Twist & Shout
Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland

Round 12:
Isley Brothers – Choosey Lover
Earth, Wind & Fire – On Your Face

Round 13:
Isley Brothers – Voyage to Atlantis
Earth, Wind & Fire – Brazilian Rhyme

Round 14:
Isley Brothers – Here We Go Again
Earth, Wind & Fire – Sun Goddess

Round 15:
Isley Brothers – Work to Do
Earth, Wind & Fire – I’ll Write a Song for You

Round 16:
Isley Brothers – Between the Sheets
Earth, Wind & Fire – Serpentine Fire

Round 17:
Isley Brothers – Drifting on a Memory
Deniece Williams – Free

Round 18:
Isley Brothers – Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time for Love)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Can’t Hide Love

Round 19:
Isley Brothers – Smooth Sailin’ Tonight
Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy

Round 20:
Isley Brothers – Sensuality (Part 1 & 2)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Getaway

Round 21:
Isley Brothers – Fight the Power (Part 1 & 2)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Mighty Mighty

Round 22:
Isley Brothers – Contagious
Earth, Wind & Fire – In the Stone

Round 23:
Isley Brothers – Busted
Earth, Wind & Fire – Magic Mind

Round 24: 
Isley Brothers – Shout
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins – Easy Lover

The contest closed with a massive final round.

Round 25:
Isley Brothers – That Lady
Earth, Wind & Fire – September

How can I watch the Verzuz battle?

The Verzuz battle was available to watch on Instagram Live and Triller.

You can watch the livestream back on YouTube here.

It's not one you want to miss!

One viewer wrote: "This battle exudes Black Excellence. It goes to show how much of the past helped, influenced and shaped some of the best records in hip hop, in Movies, hell.. in Black Culture. Damn…. why am I tearing up?!?!? #verzuz"

Another wrote: "I'm feeling amazingly blessed listening to our icons! #Verzuz"

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