What did Meghan McCain say about Joe Biden wearing a mask?

DURING the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing masks out in public have become mandatory all across the world, for every person.

McCain, daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain, recently criticized President Joe Biden for wearing a mask during a Zoom call.

What did Meghan McCain say about Joe Biden wearing a mask?

On April 27, 2021's episode of The View, McCain took the time to call out Biden for wearing a mask in what she refers to as "security theater"

“He’s vaccinated and in a room and obviously on a Zoom," said McCain,"Why are you still wearing a mask?”

The meeting she was referring to was the virtual climate summit, where Biden and other world leaders met to discuss climate change.

It was later confirmed that Biden was not alone, and was in the room with his team, who were off camera. The mask was for their protection, as well as his.

Additionally, on the Zoom call, Biden was not the only world leader wearing a mask during the call.

What has Meghan McCain said about Caitlyn Jenner?

Caitlyn Jenner, who has announced her candidacy for Governor of California, has been commented on by McCain.

Recently, McCain shot down Jenner's bid to replace incumbent Gavin Newsome, saying, "I don't take this that seriously."

McCain has also questioned which kind of republican Jenner will be, saying "She needs to decide if she's a Trump Republican or a mainstream Republican."

Jenner's campaign is currently being advised by some former Trump staffers, such as Brad Parscale.

What has Meghan McCain said about Derek Chauvin's trial?

In the largest trial of the young decade, former officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd, whose death sparked mass protest during the summer of 2020.

Before the trial was finished however, McCain shared some harsh words for Chauvin on The View.

“I hope they convict him, I hope Derek Chauvin goes to jail or worse for the rest of his life,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned Derek Chauvin is a cold blooded murderer who should rot in hell.”

Video released over the summer showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck during an arrest while Floyd called out that he couldn't breathe.

Speaking on Floyd, McCain said, "I don’t know how you find any individual anywhere who doesn’t believe that man was murdered in cold blood in front of a group of people."

What is Meghan McCain's net worth?

McCain is worth an estimated $10million, with an estimated average salary of $3million.

McCain most prominently is a co-host of ABC's The View, which she has worked for since 2017.

Before joining The View, McCain worked for the Fox News show Outnumbered.

McCain gained popularity first in 2007 with her blog, "McCain Blogette"

So far, McCain has authored or co-authored three books, and inked a six figure book deal back in 2009.

McCain has also earned three daytime Emmy nominations in her time on television.

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