Wendy Williams 'became inebriated & stripped naked' on show's home set before hospitalization for 'psychiatric issues'

WENDY Williams became inebriated and stripped naked on the chaotic at-home set of her talk show in 2020, one year before her hospitalization for "psychiatric issues," The Sun can exclusively report. 

In the early months of the pandemic, like many other talk shows, Wendy, 57, brought her The Wendy Williams Show tapings- and her audience- inside her $4.5million New York City penthouse apartment in an effort to keep her daily program on the air.  

But Wendy's fans quickly became concerned, commenting that she was acting "erratic" onscreen.  

The host frequently appeared on TV dressed only in a robe, and on more than one occasion, she began a segment sobbing uncontrollably. 

While Wendy viewers turned to their favorite host for her signature dramatics, what was happening during lockdown at her swanky New York City home appeared to have been something more troubling.   

Multiple sources confirmed to The Sun the daytime presenter had been drinking heavily since her time at a Queens, New York sober house following the split from her husband Kevin Hunter, 50, in 2019.   

In May 2020, the host hit a particularly rough spot with her addiction issues, the insiders said. 

Just before the host's team claimed she was hospitalized for Graves' disease that month, Wendy experienced a disturbing incident with a handful of people present as she was working from home.  

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According to sources, Wendy’s manager was summoned to her penthouse apartment after she had appeared unwell during a Zoom show taping earlier in the week.  

Her manager and a small group of confidants arrived to the host’s home to lend support to the struggling talk show queen.  

According to multiple sources, Wendy had stripped naked in her room and was touching herself in a sexual manner while shouting vulgar comments.

The eyewitnesses looked on in horror, and immediately called healthcare workers.  

After medical personnel arrived at the home, Wendy allegedly grew more aggressive.   

The host was eventually taken to the hospital, where she would remain for weeks.  

Reps for Wendy and the Wendy Williams Show did not respond to The Sun's multiple requests for comment.

Following the incident, The Wendy Williams Show announced that the host would be taking a hiatus from the program to battle symptoms of Graves' disease.  

“Recently, Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves' disease which is causing fatigue. 

"In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment.

“We look forward to welcoming Wendy back soon and continuing the [email protected] shows. More updates on a return date will follow.”  

The hiatus continued through the end of the 11th season, and Wendy never returned to her at-home tapings.   

The show picked back up in studio in September 2020.   

Any mentions of the show’s at-home tapings have been wiped from The Wendy Williams Show Instagram account. 

The majority of people who witnessed what happened that day appear to have been cut out of Wendy’s life.  

As one person familiar with the incident said: “Wendy clearly does not want to associate with anybody who was there that day.”  

A second show source claimed: “Everyone knows not to get too close to Wendy. It will backfire, and when it does, you'll get burned.”  


This is not the first time Wendy has been accused of crossing a line with people professionally connected to her. 

Wendy had made arguably inappropriate comments to a number of guests in recent years.  

In October 2020, the host interviewed married actor Mike Epps, and opened up by saying: “You know, I always got special feelings for you…”  

The stand-up comedian and actor responded: "Oh yeah? You know I got love. I got love for you."  

Wendy clarified: "No, not I got love for you. I said special feelings for you," before she pointed to her nether regions.  

In another instance during an interview in June 2021, the 57-year-old hit on married musical artist Sean Paul, who had just said he was enjoying spending more time with his family.  

That family man energy didn’t stop Wendy from directing sexual comments towards the singer.  

As Sean was in the middle of responding to her question about how he feels about performing, Wendy blurted: “You are sexy! Are you involved?”    

Fellow guest, musician Spice, quietly interjected: “He’s married.”  

That same month, the daytime talk queen also had an awkward interview with rapper Da Brat. 

Wendy told Da Brat that she has a “strong pickup game” and felt the rapper was hitting on her, “unless that’s always the way you speak to attractive women.”  

Da Brat said: “The last time we talked, it was after I saw your documentary and I texted you, because I felt like you ain’t got no real friends. So, I wanted to be your friend, so I called and checked on you.”  

Wendy kept pushing, saying: “If I was gay would you like me?”   

Da Brat flatly said “no” and reminded Wendy that she was in a serious relationship. 

“I love you but I would never want to get with you," the artist added.

One source claimed Wendy treats many of her guests how she treats everyone in her orbit.  

“She’s inappropriate and rude. She uses people and doesn’t care if she hurts anyone or makes people uncomfortable along the way.”  

The source added: “It would be very different if this were a man treating people the way Wendy does.”  


In an explosive federal lawsuit viewed by The Sun, a woman accused Wendy and then-husband Kevin of sexual harassment, and abusive and retaliatory behavior, in 2008.

Nicole Spence, who worked closely with Wendy as the talent booker for the host’s now defunct radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience, laid out a litany of allegations which she claimed she was subjected to in her work environment.   

In her complaint, Nicole claimed that she was such an integral part of the show’s success that she was placed inside of Wendy’s office.   

Being in Wendy’s inner-circle became a problem for Nicole, who alleged that when she became uncomfortable with the behavior she witnessed from both Wendy and Kevin- and spoke out about it- the pair retaliated against her.  

Nicole also claimed that Wendy had intimidated fellow employees at the station, WBLS.   

In the complaint, Nicole alleged that “Defendant Williams' lack of respect for proper workplace conduct is demonstrated by the fact that she has engaged in quid pro quo sexual harassment with a male subordinate, who repeatedly complained to Miss Spence that he had to have sex with defendant Williams out of fear he would lose his job if he refused to do so.   

"This same employee even confided in Miss Spence that he would receive calls from the defendant Williams at night and was forced to listen to her masturbate over the telephone.”  

For her own part, Nicole alleged that she was the target of sexual harassment by Wendy’s then husband, Kevin, and that when she spoke out against him, the radio host retaliated against her by icing her out and stopping the booker from bringing guests on the show.  

“Miss Spence's desk was moved away from Miss Williams and that signaled to Miss Williams, that she was one of the people that had complained against defendant Hunter.”  

“After Miss Spence had moved to another part of the office, defendant Williams immediately refused to work with Miss Spence, acknowledge or even speak with her, ordered Ms. Spence banned from the broadcast studio and rejected virtually all guests booked by Miss Spence without explanation.”  

In addition to the claims Nicole made against Wendy and Kevin, she also alleged that the host publicly humiliated her on air on her radio show, as well as in an interview with the New York Post.   

“Defendant Williams defamed plaintiff in the article by stating ‘This b***h is out of her mind,’ which has subjected plaintiff to public scorn or ridicule and humiliation."

The claims against Wendy and Kevin were never proven or disproven in court.  

An attorney for Nicole said that she and the defendants had decided to “resolve this matter amicably through private mediation."


The Sun was first to reveal that Wendy had been transported to a New York hospital in September of 2021 following a 911 call for a person in need of psychiatric services.  

Soon after, the daytime talk show host quietly hired crisis public relations mogul Howard Bragman.   

Meanwhile, The Wendy Williams Show would release four statements between September 9 and October 12, blaming her absence from her show and any promotional duties on a breakthrough COVID case, “ongoing medical issues,” and symptoms from Graves' disease.

On November 8, the show’s Instagram released a statement from the 57-year-old host saying she was still coping with health issues, and as a “woman of a certain age” she knew to listen to her doctors and that “right now, Wendy has to focus on Wendy.”  

It was the only statement that purportedly came from Wendy since the start of the season.   

In 13 seasons, this is the longest the host has been off the air, and she has yet to address fans in any real way since the show went on summer break on July 12, 2021.  

As Wendy fans continue to hope that she will return to host the remainder of the season, The Wendy Williams Show announced that the roster of fill-in guest hosts will continue through the end of January 2022. 

Meanwhile, there has been no announcement on the possibility of the show being renewed for another season.    

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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