Watch EW's full 'Angel' cast reunion on PeopleTV

Need some more Angel reunion content to sink your teeth into? We got you covered.

When EW reunited the cast of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off to celebrate its 20th anniversary, PeopleTV was there too to document all the hugs, reminiscing and on-set secrets! And you can watch it now. The full episode of Entertainment Weekly Cast Reunions: Angel is streaming on, or you can download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device to view it that way too.

You’d be as ditzy as Harmony to miss out on this reunion! The cast discusses everything from their favorite episodes to meals with co-creator Joss Whedon when he had to break character developments to them. There’s also insight on why the show was revamped after just a couple of episode and the actors fess up about what they took home from set. Amy Acker who played timid Texan physicist has a golden armadillo that was on her character’s desk during season 5, while Boreanaz took home the original leather trench coat that would billow around Angel when he broodingly swooped into a room. As for J. August Richards who portrayed street-smart vamp hunter Charles Gunn? “I have my hubcap ax,” he says. “It ended up in my car on the last day. I don’t know how.”

Head to PeopleTV to check out the episode now.

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