Vikings Valhalla trailer drops huge nod to King Aethelred in Netflix first-look

Vikings: Valhalla teaser released by Netflix

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The upcoming sequel series will be moving from History and Amazon Prime Video in the UK, to popular streaming service Netflix later this year. 100 years after the events of the first Vikings series, a brand new horde of Norse warriors have joined the fight in a brand new trailer for Vikings: Valhalla.

A new look at the upcoming Vikings spin-off has revealed a major connection to the original series.

The sequel features newcomers Laura Berlin and Sam Corlett as Emma of Normandy and Leif Erikson, respectively, both key figures at the end of the Viking Age.

Plus, The Walking Dead favourite Pollyanna McIntosh has joined in a major role, along with Vikings mainstay John Kavanagh as The Seer.

However, eagle-eyed fans of the popular historical franchise may have also spotted a familiar name hidden amongst the cast list.

Irish actor Bosco Hogan joins the cast as Aethelred the Unready, better known as the son of King Aethelred I (played by Darren Cahill).

The new trailer kicked off with a sneak peek at some of the biggest battles in the show’s history.

As well as plenty of bloodthirsty Viking action, the series will also pull back the curtain on the political clashes happening behind the scenes.

The new series will launch with The St Brice’s Day Massacre, a crucial and devastating event in European history.

King Aethelred II ordered the execution of all the Danes in England in November 1002, believing Norway and Sweden would be too distracted by their own conflicts to notice.

In response, King Canut of Denmark (Bradley Freegard) is shown riling up his horde to challenge the English throne.

“You have been summoned here to avenge the death of Vikings,” he roars. “Bring me England!”

Prince of Norway Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter) is also on board as one of the show’s principal characters.

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He shouts to his own army: “This blood is not my blood. It is our blood. It is Viking blood!”

Despite featuring some subtle Vikings callbacks, producer Jeb Stuart has assured Netflix viewers they won’t have to have seen the original series to enjoy Valhalla.

He told Entertainment Weekly there wouldn’t be “any connected tissue” between the series, although producer and original showrunner Michael Hirst has said otherwise.

Jeb explained: “Rollo was part of the founding of Normandy, and Emma of Normandy comes over and becomes one of my main characters, and William the Conqueror is a descendant of Rollo.

“We’d love to be able to get to that part of the story and get to that place that Michael did say you stop and you turn and nostalgically look back at the Viking era.”

Netflix viewers shouldn’t expect fan favourites like Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Lagertha (Kathryn Winnick) to make cameos in the new series.

However, Vikings enthusiasts and history buffs will certainly be able to spot the occasional reference to characters and events from the History phenomenon which started it all.

Vikings: Valhalla will be released on Friday, February 25 on Netflix.

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