Victoria Derbyshire rolls eyes as she shuts down Putin stooge over Ukraine claim

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A BBC News Presenter reacted angrily when a pro-Russian guest denied that the Russian military had been targeting innocent civilians in its advances on Ukraine.

The Russian military began an assault on their neighbouring country on February 24, and satellite footage has shown a 40 mile long procession of armoured vehicles and soldiers making their way towards the capital Kyiv.

Victoria Derbyshire was speaking to the Dean of the School of Governance & Politics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations on the BBC’s rolling news channel about the conflict when the exchange became heated.

Henry Sadaryan firstly suggested that the war in Ukraine was set in motion eight years ago after the Russo-Ukrainian war over Crimea.

Elaborating on this, the so-called expert made a number of unfounded claims that people in the Donbas region of Ukraine had been “killed and tortured” during this time.

“That is a lie,” Victoria responded. “There is zero evidence for that.”

And, after Henry drew comparisons with the Western invasion of Iraq, which he suggested was deserving of action, he attempted to justify Putin’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

“He’s invaded an independent, sovereign country, and he’s killing innocent men, women and children, that’s what he’s doing… I’m asking you, how do you justify that?” Victoria asked.

But despite footage showing an attack on a television tower resulting in damage to a holocaust memorial, the expert denied that civilians had been targeted.

“No one is justifying things that weren’t done, because Russia’s military and Russia’s army is not killing innocent people, Russia’s army is destroying the military infrastructure in Ukraine,” he said.

Victoria was exasperated, rolling her eyes and imploring: “Oh, come on.”

Still, Henry ploughed on, asking the newsreader to provide a figure for the number of civilian casualties resulting from the Russian invasion.

“You told me that Russia is killing innocent people, please tell me what is the number of innocent people being killed there,” he continued.

“I’m telling you that thousands of Russian people have been killed in the Donbas region over eight years.”

“Russia is destroying at the moment the military infrastructure of Ukraine and the reason for doing that is that Ukraine is a threat to Russia’s security at the moment.”

In response, Victoria asked: “Why have hospitals been hit? Why has a TV tower been hit? Why has an administrative building in the north of the country been hit? Why has an orphanage been hit, is that infrastructure? Come on.”

Henry simply doubled down, arguing that this information is untrustworthy as it comes from the Ukraine government.

Viewers praised the BBC presenter for her sturdy response on Twitter.

One commented: “Well done Victoria for how you handled this man. And for sticking up for the TRUTH.”

Another acknowledged Victoria’s efforts to remain calm, sharing a clip with the caption: “Victoria Derbyshire doing her best to hold it together while interviewing a Putin stooge.”

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