Vanessa and Charity’s happy ending revealed as Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall speaks out

THINGS aren’t looking so rosy for Vanity with Charity set to cheat on Vanessa this week and kiss a total stranger.

But Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall has suggested that things are going to work out for Vanessa – who is currently away from the village battling bowel cancer – and Charity. Here’s the lowdown on Vanity’s happy ending…

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What do we know about Vanity’s happy ending in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall has suggested that fans needn't worry about Vanity – and that the couple’s relationship isn’t over. 

Speaking on This Morning, she revealed: "My Twitter stream, I'm seeing your messages, so I'm hearing everyone.

“Of course Vanity isn't over. We know you love them, we love them.”

Talking about the current state of their relationship, Sharon added: “But of course, the lovely actress went off and had the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, Michelle, so she's on maternity leave.

She added: "We've not forgotten about Vanity. We love them as much as everyone else."

Why does Charity cheat on Vanessa in Emmerdale?

Speaking about why Charity cheats on Vanessa, Sharon said on This Morning: “What this is is Charity getting something wrong in her head and doing her usual thing – self-destruction, being an idiot, being hedonistic. 

“There is a kiss coming up with a total stranger… But look, she loves her."

Sure enough, official spoilers have revealed that a self-destructive Charity cheats on Vanessa this week after growing increasingly paranoid and convincing herself that Vanessa isn’t interested anymore.

After storming out of the house and parking in a layby, Charity blocks a call from Tracy and sulks. 

She considers phoning Vanessa, but bottles it and swings out of the layby, crashing into another car. 

Disaster strikes as Charity stops and squares up for a fight with the owner of the car. 

And then, in an odd turn of events, Charity ends up kissing the stranger.

To make matters worse, Charity will head on a downward spiral next week and turn to the bottle after convincing herself she’s ruined everything. 

Is Vanessa returning to Emmerdale?

The news that Michelle is having a baby has left fans fearing that show bosses will kill off her character after losing her battle with cancer.

And the news of Charity’s brutal betrayal seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for the pair.

But given Sharon Marshall’s comments about Vanity’s long-term future, it seems fans can hope that Vanessa will return to the village one day. 

But Emmerdale bosses are yet to confirm Vanessa’s comeback, so viewers will have to tune in to find out whether she returns.

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