Tyler Perry Sets White House Drama Series ‘The Oval’ At BET

Tyler Perry has set his first series at BET as part of his multi-year content deal with Viacom. White House drama series The Oval, starring Ed Quinn, Kron Moore, Paige Hurd and Daniel Croix Henderson, will begin principal photography this summer at Tyler Perry Studios.

Written, directed and executive produced by Perry, The Oval will introduce viewers to the new first family moving into the White House. This picture-perfect couple has it all! Money, status, and pure bliss flank the Mr. & Mrs. However, behind closed doors, they are anything but flawless. With lies, cheating and messy mayhem running amuck, in the new scripted series, we see next level corruption up close and way too personal, directly from the White House. Please believe, you could not write this… but Tyler did!

Quinn will play Hunter Franklin, the newly elected President of The United States.

Moore will play Victoria Franklin, the First Lady of the United States. Her husband has just been elected President.

Hurd will play Gayle Franklin, the beautiful and spoiled daughter of the President and First Lady. She is a wild child who is rebellious and defiant.

Henderson will play Jason Franklin, the son of The President and First Lady. He is a troubled young man.

Michelle Sneed will also serve as Executive Producer of the series for Tyler Perry Studios.

“I’ve been hard at work on The Oval and can’t wait to share this story with audiences,” said Perry. “I’ve set out to create a show that tells the story of a family placed in the White House by people of power while also highlighting the personal side and everyday lives of the staff who run the inner workings of the nation’s most iconic residence.”

Perry’s future line-up will also include another drama series, two comedy series, and a live holiday-themed production.



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