Two Weeks To Live Sky air date, cast, trailer, plot: When does it air?

Sky is going to be bringing audiences a comedy series with Game of Thrones star and Emmy nominee Maisie Williams. The series was announced on June 26 with work taking place on the forthcoming show at the moment. Here is the lowdown on Two Weeks To Live with all the latest news and updates on the show.

When will Two Weeks To Live air on Sky?

Two Weeks To Live doesn’t yet have an air date as it was only announced recently.

The comedy has been created by Gaby Hull, who is also behind ITV’s Cheat and Benidorm.

Consisting of six episodes, Two Weeks To Live will focus on Williams’ character Kim Noakes.

Sky has teased Two Weeks To Live as “a comic tale of love and revenge born from a seemingly harmless prank that goes terribly wrong”.

What will happen in Two Weeks To Live?

Two Weeks To Live follows young misfit Kim, whose father died under suspicious circumstances when she was a child and she was whisked away to a rural life by her mother.

Kim’s life consisted of seclusion and a number of survival techniques with her mother.

Flash forward and Kim has grown up and embarked on a mission to honour her father’s memory – but just how she will be honouring him remains a mystery.

However, this mission marks Kim’s first adventure out in the real world as she encounters some new faces.

The moment Kim steps into a pub, she meets the socially award Nick and his brother Dave but their plans to impress her fail spectacularly.

Through a series of unfortunate events and a prank that goes wrong, the trio find themselves in danger.

The three of them are in possession of a huge bag stolen cash and on the run from a homicidal gangster.

Luckily, Kim has learnt some skills that will help them to survive including skinning a deer to make a sleeping bag, user a pistol and performing all the routines from Dirty Dancing, among her arsenal of talents.

Who is in the cast of Two Weeks To Live?

Williams leads the cast as Kim, who is no ordinary young woman and has a mysterious backstory.

She said of the show: “Looking forward to getting into something new, I think Two Weeks To Live has really great potential and I want to make something incredible with this wonderful team!”

No other casting announcements have yet been made but we will update this article when there are.

Two Weeks To Live executive producer Phil Temple said: “Working on this project has been a blast from day one. Gaby’s scripts are fresh, full of surprises and very, very funny.

“In Kim he has created a truly iconic character and it is a dream for us to have the unique and awesome Maisie Williams bringing her to life. Working with Gaby, Maisie and Sky is a privilege and everyone at Kudos can’t wait to get going!”

Is there a trailer for Two Weeks To Live?

As Two Weeks To Live has only just been announced, there is no trailer as yet.

A trailer is likely to be released closer to the broadcast of the show and we will update this story when any clips or teasers do drop.

Two Weeks To Live is currently in production on Sky.

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