Twitter Absolutely Roasted Blake Horstmann About Stagecoach Last Night

Remember when you were like, “Wow, things couldn’t possibly get worse for Blake Horstmann on Bachelor in Paradise! Truly, there’s no way he could dig himself in any deeper of a hole!” Well, HA HA HA HA, because I have one word for you: Stagecoach.

As you likely know, it turns out Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Blake hooked up at Stagecoach *right* after he hooked up with Kristina Schulman. And this week Blake’s personal life became Hoarding Buried Alive-levels of messy when Caitlin arrived in Paradise and he revealed they knew it each other because…wait for it…THEY! MET! AT! STAGECOACH!

Let my inner cowgirl out this weekend🤠🌵💃🏻Next time I’m going to tell her to stay home…she’s a little too rowdy • • Thanks @trevorbornmd for keeping my skin looking fresh for this fun weekend🧖🏼‍♀️

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Like dude literally uttered the immortal/cursed words “we met at Stagecoach nothing happened.” I truly have no comment. But Twitter does! Bachelor Nation is absolutely roasting Blake, who spent this episode looking like a wilted flower, and I’m here for it:

Me booking my stagecoach ticket so i can get on bachelor #bacheloreinparadise

Raise your hand if you ‘met’ Blake at Stagecoach #bacheloreinparadise

Take a shot every time Blake says he met someone at stagecoach #bacheloreinparadise

If you’d like to be on the next season of #bacheloreinparadise joins us at:

Blake at stagecoach next year #bacheloreinparadise

raise your hand if you met Blake at Stagecoach?#bachelorinparadise #bachelornation

blake meeting kaitlyn at stagecoach #bachelorinparadise

Wait did he just say they DID meet at Stagecoach?! #BIP

Me looking up flights to stagecoach 2020 #BachelorInParadise

Dylan: Hopefully she wasn’t at stagecoach
Blake: I met her at stagecoach #BachelorInParadise

“we met at Stagecoach”#BachelorInParadise
Bachelor Nation:

Go to stagecoach they said it’ll be fun they said #BachelorinParadise

Blake treated Stagecoach as his own season of The Bachelor. #bachelorinparadise

“I met her at stagecoach but nothing happened” #bachelorinparadise

Blake: “We met at stagecoach…NOTHING HAPPENED” #BachelorInParadise

Marked safe from Blake at Stagecoach ✔️ #BachelorInParadise

Blake met ANOTHER girl at stagecoach? #bachelorinparadise

list of people blake met at stagecoach #BachelorinParadise

Does anyone else think Blake should be forced to tattoo the words “we met at Stagecoach” on his face?

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