Too Hot To Handle's Cam and Emily reveal they're still a couple & have moved in together seven months after filming show

TOO Hot To Handle favourites Cam Holmes and Emily Miller are still together seven months after filming the dating show, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

In the couple’s first interview since the Netflix hit aired, the loved-up pair say they moved in together in February – less than two months after filming the show in December – and have been “inseparable” ever since.

Emily, 27, said: “At the beginning of February he came and moved in with me.

“We’ve been inseparable.”

Cam, 24, added: “We haven’t spent much time away from each other at all.

“Me and Em have been very much ourselves on that show. We both love each other to bits and she is my best friend.

It comes after the series finale aired on Netflix at the end of last month and fans have been speculating whether Cam and Emily are still an item seven months after filming.

Cam and Emily have even talked about marriage for the future and have agreed that their first baby girl would be named Lana as a nod to the show’s robot.

Emily said: “We're 'Camily'.

"We definitely do want marriage and kids. If we have a girl we’re going to call her Lana, obviously.”

Cam added: “We do speak about it. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with Em and vice versa.

“It’s something we speak about – but not just yet.”

The couple also revealed that they are now able to enjoy active sex lives since leaving the Too Hot To Handle villa – as the show format forbids the singleton contestants to kiss or partake in sexual contact.

Emily revealed: “I appreciate sex a lot more since filming the show.

"I’ve always been a strong believer in that women should love sex, even prior to the show.

“I’ve always been like that and I don’t think I’ll ever change.”

Cam said: “Once we left it was so nice to actually be affectionate towards each other without having to wait for a robot’s approval.

“It’s just nice to come out and be a normal couple.

“People are quick to be sceptical but we’ve been a normal couple literally from the moment we left the villa up until now.

“Before I went on the show it was just like sex was sex, that’s it. But it sounds so cringey to say but relationship sex is so different. There a lot more emotions involved, so my philosophy on sex has definitley changed.”

While 'Camily' are smitten with each other, the hot couple have received a lot of attention from fans and are getting used to finding fame as sex symbols with Emily having even charmed the men from series one of the show.

Cam joked: “That’s exactly how I explain myself when someone says to me, what are you?

“I say, ‘Cam is the sex symbol’.

“But god, my DMs are full of proposals and all sorts of strange requests.”

Emily added: “The season one guys have messaged me, but it’s nothing flirty. It’s all just been very supportive.”

Although the couple revealed that they are flattered to be compared to season one favourites Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey – with Emily saying “they’re hot” – Cam joked that he and Emily are "better".

He explained: “They’ve both done very well and I think they were similar to us in that they were a genuine couple.

“But we are Cam and Em, we’re different. We’re better.”

With over 1.5million followers between them since starring on the show, the pair are hoping to carve careers in the spotlight.

Cam wants to follow in the footsteps of Love Island’s Wes Nelson and become a reality star turned musician, with big hopes of breaking into the music industry as a Hip Hop and R&B artist – and says he would love to collaborate with Wes who has had chart hits such as See Nobody and Nice To Meet Ya.

The star has already written a song about Emily which he says is her favourite.

Speaking about his long term goals, the aspiring hitmaker said: “This is a bit of a curveball but I’ve always been writing and doing music but I’ve been doing it very much low-key.

“I’ve been quite shy about it because I haven’t really had the confidence to do it, but the show has just given me a new level of confidence.

“But being a music artist is always what I have wanted to do. I’ve been in the studio quite a bit doing my own songs. It’s a long term plan but I’m hoping in the next year or two I can be a music artist.

“I do look up to Wes – he’s done so well. He’s done it in the right way too as people are quick to judge reality stars. For me, I want to take it very seriously. I want to show people that I am enthusiastic about it and it’s not just because I’ve got a following.

Emily said: “I think a collab with Wes should be in place at some point”, with Cam adding: “That would be my dream.”

Stunner Emily says she also has big plans for the future – with her dream being to open an animal sanctuary.

She said: “I really want to have my own animal sanctuary, a dog and cat sanctuary for strays. But I need to figure out how to get there.

“It’s always been a passion of mine. That’s the one thing I love in life – dogs.”

The pair are also open to doing more reality TV shows – with a dream of starring on a couples version of Celebrity Great British Bake Off.

Cam explained: “I’d love it if they did a couple’s Celebrity Bake Off. We both want to go on Bake Off.

“We might have to pitch to Channel 4 for a new edition of a couple’s Bake Off.”

The complete second season of Too Hot To Handle is available to watch now on Netflix.

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