Tipping Point fans fume over ‘injustice’ as out of play coin sees player lose

Tipping Point fans called out an "injustice" as a young player narrowly missed out on going through to the next round on Monday's show.

Unfortunately, for contestant Nazeerah, her counters slipped into the scoring range when they were "out of play" – which led to uproar with viewers on Twitter.

The contestant had fallen behind in the first round of the ITV game show, with host Ben Shephard reminding Nazeerah she'd need to "go for it" with the last two penalty counters that were up for grabs.

Fortunately she was quick on the buzzer and did chime in to give the GMB star the correct answer.

After bagging herself £150 in the bank, she was just one counter away from going head-to-head Armajit who had £200 in his bank.

Having won the penalty counters, Nazeerah had two opportunities to overtake her opponent.

However, the first coin landed and just about nudged another one over the edge but failed to push any into the scoring area.

The next counter was also placed into drop zone two, but barely even moved any of the silver before it.

As Ben was thanking Nazeerah for taking part two coins happened to fall into the scoring zone.

The host said: "I'm sorry, they landed out of play I'm afraid so they don't count," leaving the unlucky player devastated.

Nazeerah told the host: "No problem, I had a nice day."

Viewers of the programme were fuming that Nazeerah had "unfairly" been sent home and took to Twitter to moan about the "savage" game.

"That's absolutely f****** savage! #tippingpoint," groaned one online user.

"That was a brutally quick 'out of play' call there…" raved another.

A third added: "Nazeerah you can have all my counters! Machine playing tricks is pure injustice #tippingpoint."

While a fourth raged: "That's not fair! #TippingPoint."

Meanwhile, Armajit who had just about swerved being knocked out of the game by Nazeerah seemed to go from strength-to-strength, picking off all of his competition one-by-one.

Armajit fended off Jane and sailed through to the final round.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm.

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