Tipping Point fans demand rule change as player is ‘cheated’ out of winning

Tipping Point fans were left outraged after one contestant was "robbed" of their chance at winning the jackpot.

Viewers of the hit ITV gameshow were furious when unlucky hopeful Gemma was given the boot prematurely because of a technical rule.

The pretty blonde player was dropped from Ben Shephard's show when an ambient drop led to her missing out on collecting a heap of counters because her timer was up.

The glitch in the drop led to her not collecting enough money to remain in the show and being axed before she had any real play opportunity.

Irate viewers then took to Twitter to air their disappointment and demand a rule change as they were left feeling that Gemma had been robbed.

One wrote: "Gemma has got to be the unluckiest contestant ever. Those counters took too long to drop and that’s what cost her the game. Gutted for her."

A second angry fan waded in: "The problem is, if they don't have a cut-off point, a contestant could be waiting minutes hoping for counters to drop that were never going to, which would disrupt the flow of the game. I suppose though they could wait until Ben starts asking the next question."

A third tweeted: "@benshephard mate come on… this ambient drop malarkey has to stop. If the person is in play with three counters and still has counters to play they should be allowed… poor Gemma was robbed!"

A fourth continued: "Absolute f***ing s**** that Gemma gets cheated out of going through due to an AMBIENT DROP! ITV you should be ashamed!"

Another viewer posted: "Dear Tipping Point unless a person's go is over they should get all counters that drop during their go."

While one more added: "Once the contestant has chosen the drop zone it shouldn't matter if counters drop, they should get them regardless."

However, not everyone was completely furious, with one viewer seeing the funny side to host Ben Shephard taking the blame for the unfortunate rule.

They wrote: "I have to chuckle at people blaming Ben for the ambient drop debacles."

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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