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TIPPING Point fans were all left saying the same thing at one contestant's particularly annoying habit.

Ben Shephard was back on hand to welcome the latest batch of hopefuls all vying to win some cash on today's show.

Amongst the line-up of faces on today's programme was Becky, a receptionist from Cardiff who tried her best to score big during the episode.

She was facing off against Ross, Carole and Glenn to collect as many counters as possible and take home the jackpot.

However Becky managed to stir up a flurry of comments online thanks to her constant 'running commentary'.

Fans of the show felt that Becky at home was not letting any of her fellow players get a word in edge-ways and were quick to label her as 'irritating'.

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Becky was keen to have her voice heard by remarking on her fellow players and could be heard speaking even when it was not her question.

Its safe to say viewers of the ITV quiz were less than impressed and aired their thoughts about her talking habit online.

One wrote: "That Becky is rather irritating, ain't she? Don't stop bl**dy talking."

Another commented: "Doesn't Becky ever shut up?"

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A third added: "Wish Becky would shut the eff up. She's so loud and all that stupid laughing at nothing."

As a fourth raged: "Becky please stop talking."

Despite the criticism, she managed to put in a worthwhile performance on the quiz show.

After managing to bank £900, Becky fell at the final hurdle and was unable to progress any further in the contest as it was Glenn who succeeded and advanced into the final round.

Tipping Point airs at 4pm on ITV.

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