Tipping Point contestant breaks down in tears after ‘exceeding expectations’

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Thursday's contestant had Tipping Point viewers rooting for him after he broke down in tears explaining how much the money meant for him.

As he began to sob, he told host Ben Shephard, the money would be a huge help towards his "house deposit" and that he'd only just became "debt-free".

Leon managed to win £3,500 but applied for the show believing he'd take home no more than £2,000.

Ben said: "So you really have exceeded expectations."

Although Leon was overwhelmed with the sum of cash he'd bagged, if he'd been braver he would have won the jackpot and taken home £10,000.

After fans had witnessed Leon express such raw emotion, they took to Twitter in their masses to throw their support behind him.

One person penned: "Bless your heart Leon #tippingpoint."

"#tippingpoint nice bloke Leon. Really chuffed with 3.5K, that speaks volumes #decentperson," explained another

A third added: "Awww he cried #TippingPoint now #TheChase."

"#tippingpoint: "Breaks my heart to see how hard it is for people to make it in this world. Loved Leon," said a forth.

While a fifth message of support read: "#tippingpoint Not often I root for someone but well pleased for Leon."

Earlier on in the show, Leon explained that he was a huge Harry Potter fan and had a room devoted entirely to memorabilia.

When asked what he'd like to do with the money should he win big, initially he explained a trip to Harry Potter world, in Florida could be on the agenda.

However, after he'd opted to cash out at £3,500, it seemed he other intentions for his winnings which pleased viewers of the programme.

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