Tim Roth To Exec Produce British Dance Feature ‘Hilda’; Premieres At Raindance Film Festival

EXCLUSIVE: Tin Star and The Hateful Eight star Tim Roth is to exec produce British dance feature Hilda. The actor is behind the film, which is produced by Odds On Productions and has its world premiere at next week’s Raindance Film Festival.

The film, which is directed by Rishi Pelham, stars Megan Purvis (The Audition), newcomer Yasmin Al-Khudhairi, Tessa Hatchet, Catherine Adams (Fears), Stanley Rawlings (Boiling Point) and Alex Humes (Britannia).

Hilda is a gritty drama set in modern-day London. Nearing her final year of school, Hilda must contend with the abandonment of her parents and the dependency of young siblings. With fiery determination locked behind a deadpan stoicism, Hilda depends on dance to keep the enclosing chaos at bay. Nassim Mniai and Tomos Roberts produce.

Pelham said,” “Hilda was supposed to be the story of a young girl’s love for music, the story of a London kid who is determined to dance for the rest of her life and flourish as an artist. Instead, her future is chiselled out for her, and an unprecedented responsibility drops its weight on her shoulders. Hilda bursts with the life, joy and energy of a child with the world at her doorstep. Her nights out are her workshop spaces and her education, her friends are her source of life, and this is what channels her love for music and dance, alongside the cultural rollercoaster surrounding her. It is only when these opportunities are snatched away that her narrative takes a darker turn. Hilda is a story for the youth of today; a call to arms for the outcomes of their futures”

The film launches on Thursday September 19 at the Vue Piccadilly in London.

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