Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel says she owes an apology to 'one person' after 'affair' with then-married golfer

TIGER Wood's mistress Rachel Uchitel has offered her apology following her infamous cheating scandal with the professional golf player.

The admittance comes as part one of Tiger Wood's documentary aired this past Sunday, and part two arrives this weekend.

The HBO film reflects the golf pro's outstanding sports career, while also touching on the cheating scandals that rampaged his marriage.

Arguably Tiger's most famous mistress is nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel, who recently spoke out in an interview, offering her apology to those affected by the affair.

Rachel, 45, spoke with NBC correspondent Derek Zagami about her secret relationship that made headlines in 2009.

In the interview, Derek asked the hostess "what she wants to tell the world" about her time with Tiger, now 45.

"I have felt like they have wanted an apology from me, and I am sorry if I triggered something in people that causes anger or hurt in them. I am sorry for that," the Alaska native began as she addressed the public's disdain for her behavior.

"My personal story has been with two other people, and those are the only people that my apology goes to," she explained while referencing Tiger and his ex-wife at the time, Elin Nordegren.

Tiger and Elin, now 41, divorced on August 23rd, 2010, after his infidelities came to light due to the athlete's single-vehicle car crash in November of the year prior.

Rachel continued: "I regret a lot of things in my life, don't you? I mean, I'm human. So I made a mistake, so I've also learned from my mistakes and I'm better for them," she closed.

The famed adulterer also recently announced that she will be writing a tell-all book on the affair, after being slammed as a "homewrecker" for the last decade.

The Tiger documentary star told Heather McDonald on an episode of her podcast Juicy Scoop: "I started to write a book about my relationships and I actually found some interesting – a lot of people came to me after I did your show and said 'I really hope you write a book because just that Tiger thing is the least interesting about you, I find you so interesting.'

"And I decided to really start working on a book on the relationships I've had and found that they are all weaved together by one common bond and that was that I was drawn to them by an addiction to love which I really found out through my stint at Celebrity Rehab."

Rachel has previously discussed her love addiction, telling Us Weekly that the disease is a "very real thing."

"I think people don’t have awareness about it," she explained.

"It’s where people mistake intensity for love and people sort of look to someone else to gain credibility for not feeling credible inside.

“Something about myself, which I hope people can understand is that when somebody of a high caliber looks at you and as everyone else wants to know that person, and that [person] only wants you, that’s the ultimate kind of credibility for yourself … And how do you say no to that?”

The nightclub administrator also admitted that she was "wrapped up" in the attention she received from Tiger, and "suffered from low self-esteem" from past "trauma."

Though the world mourned for the golf star's wife Elin amidst the chaos, the Swedish supermodel has been thriving since the public humiliation.

Elin reportedly received $100 million from her divorce settlement with Tiger and has since gone on to become a Registered Mental Health Counselor, The Sun exclusively revealed.

The model has also purchased a $9 million Palm Beach mansion with her NFL star boyfriend Jordan Cameron, and the pair now shares a one-year-old baby named Arthur.

Elin also has two children from her marriage with Tiger, Sam, 13, and Charlie, 11.

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