This Morning's Ruth Langsford forced to hide in room after anti-vax protesters stormed TV studio

A VIOLENT anti-vax mob stormed a TV studio yesterday, forcing This Morning star Ruth Langsford to hide.

She was among staff and guests trapped in a room as protesters charged at the former BBC TV Centre in London.

Hubby Eamonn Holmes and others got out in time.

A few thugs got inside as police struggled.

A source told The Sun: "Ruth Langford was still stuck inside, although Eamonn had managed to get out.

"It was terrifying. No-one knew if the protestors had weapons.

"The protestors arrived after This Morning had come off air.

"They seem to have an issue with how the anti-vaccination issue has been handled on the show.

"Ruth had to be brought out by security shortly after being forced to hide in a room.

"ITV are going to have to carry out a major inquiry after security was breached."

The “Official Voice” campaign against vaccine passports and jabs for kids had urged the demo, claiming “the media is the problem”.

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