This Morning’s Rochelle Humes reveals surprising reason why she'll NEVER do a reunion with The Saturdays

HER JLS star husband went back on tour with the boyband seven years after their split.

But Rochelle Humes has insisted she'll NEVER do a reunion with The Saturdays – and it's because of a very surprising reason.

The presenter's former girlband always hoped to return after going on a hiatus back in 2014.

But Rochelle says she's had baby brain since having her first child at 24 and would never remember the dance moves.

Asked if her husband Marvin's reunion with JLS made her want to go back on stage, Rochelle told The Sun: "Not really no. I have really moved on with my life.

"Now, I don’t think personally, I could. Marvin would kill me for saying it because he is so present, and I know how much he misses them, and how hands on he is, but just for me and my role in the house and how that looks I can’t imagine it.  It’s a lot of time. 

"Say I’m the boss, so I go 'next week looks like this, Alaiya has nativity, Vally has this, I can’t be in that morning it doesn’t suit me.'

"But for us, there was five of us in The Saturdays, so when there were five people who need the same day off, it doesn’t really work when you’ve got a family.

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"I love the girls and we would have a ball, but when I see them we have a cocktail and a catch up, it’s never with a view to do anything more. 

"I am grown up enough to never say never, because you never say no. 

"But at the minute, for myself and my kids who are my world, I couldn’t imagine being in Manchester one night, and then travelling somewhere different the next night. 

"And I wouldn’t know how I would remember the dance moves!

"Baby brain never left me. When I actually think of that side of things I couldn’t do it."

We revealed yesterday how Rochelle was inspired to make a major change in her life by her close pal Holly Willoughby.

This Morning star Holly, 40, offered Rochelle her secret to success – and it gave her the push she needed.

Last year Holly quit the showbiz agency she shared with Phillip Schofield and decided to manage herself in an all-female team.

She prompted ex-Saturdays singer Rochelle, 32, to make a similar move.

After quitting YMU like Holly, she's now launched The RH Group – a boutique management agency based in London.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun at Glamour Weekender, Rochelle said: "I just made a transition to leave my management company and manage myself because I feel like I am at a point in my life when no one knows me better than I know myself.

"I don’t want to be part of a big firm, I want someone to be able to talk to me directly, or to one other, so I made that jump, which was a big move. 

"When you are in my industry, I have gone through my life having someone guide me every step of the way, but I leant into the fact that I know me better than anybody. 

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"Holly Willoughby really inspired me, as she had done  the same thing the year before, and I asked 'Is it hell? Are we doing too much?'

"So she really inspire me a lot with that.  I look at Jessica Alba and the Honest company she has done is incredible, I look at Rihanna and Fenty and I think it is wild the moves she has made. 

"I then look at one of my friends, who is my kids godmum, and she is the best mother in the world, and as an outsider I just think 'Wow, can you be my mother too.'

"There is a long list of people who inspire me."

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