The Wheel’s Michael McIntyre playfully mocks celebrity guests in awkward moment

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The Wheel host Michael McIntyre joked that none of the celebrities know the sound of the correct answer during Saturday night’s episode.

The comedian made a dig at the famous faces taking part in the latest edition of the BBC One programme including David Dickinson, Steph McGovern, Sue Perkins, and Robert Peston.

During this week’s episode, it saw contestant’s Shadia, Ellie, and Dean play the popular gameshow.

Contestant Ellie had a political question where the wheel landed on David Dickinson.

She was asked: 'Which of these was not a thing Ed Miliband made front-page news for, during his time as Labour leader?'

Neither of the pair had a clue about the answer, so they decided to lock in "bacon sandwich" but got it wrong.

The studio then went red to indicate that the answer was wrong, however, David, asked if it was right leading to the host Michael saying the "graphics department has spent a lot of money to indicate a wrong answer" and the specific sound of it being wrong.

He added: "In your defence David nobody yet knows the sound of the correct answer" with the comedian looking around the room at his fellow celebrities.

The comedian continued: "When that moment comes everything goes gold and it is huge celebrations."

This led to the host Michael getting frustrated by the lack of celeb’s knowledge about the topics.

He said: "We are getting off to a slow-starting point we are just letting people make their way through the wheel."

Next up was contestant Dean where host Michael gave him the heads up, he said: “The bad news Dean no one knows anything about anything.”

Despite this, and the fourth attempt it saw Dean manage to get the question right.

Dean picked gaming as a category and got asked – The game series ‘Pokemon’ gets it name from the abbreviation of the Japanese words for ‘pocket…’ what?

The contestant managed to get the answer correctly with it being ‘monster.’

This led to the host Michael joking "the game has finally begun" with a category finally being taken off the wheel.

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