'The Voice' Results: Who Made the Knockout Rounds?

The Voice’s season 20 is headed for the Knockout Rounds!

Monday marks the final night of the Battle Rounds, with Blake Shelton,John Legend, Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson — with some help from Kelsea Ballerini — making the tough decisions and whittling their teams down for the upcoming Knockouts

ET will be tracking the teams throughout the season, monitoring steals, saves and favorites as The Voice prepares to crown a season 20 champion. 

Interestingly, there isn’t a reigning champ on this season’s coaches’ panel, as Gwen Stefani won her first-ever title in season 19 with young crooner Carter Rubin. However, when Nick returned for this season, he took Gwen’s spot — finding a new chair and a new strategy after making the finals in season 18 with talented performer Thunderstorm Artis.

“[I’m] just kinda taking the stakes down a notch and encouraging them to enjoy the ride, have fun, and even for me try to learn something along the way from each one of them,” he shared. “It’s just about having fun… This is meant to be an amazing journey for them, you know, regardless of the outcome. There’s one winner, sure, but the journey that we all go on together, collectively, is what really matters.”

“I think people love the repartee, the camaraderie, the rivalries that we have with each other, even though they’re friendly rivalries,” John agreed. “So, to not only help these singers do their best work, but also just get a little bragging rights and get a little edge… it’s a lot of fun to watch us compete with each other.”

But first, it’s time for the teammates to do battle again in the Knockout Rounds — where they’ll get a chance to sing a song of their choosing in the hopes of making to the live shows, and ultimately, the season 20 finale. Check out the updated team rosters below and see how your favorite singer fares!


Dana Monique

Andrew Marshall

Raine Stern

Zae Romeo

Rachel Mac

Bradley Sinclair

Jose Figueroa Jr.

Keegan Ferrell (stolen from Team Blake during the Battle Rounds)

Devan Blake Jones (saved during Battle Rounds, moving to 4-Way Knockout)


 Lindsay Joan (eliminated during Battle Rounds)

 Awari (eliminated during Battle Rounds)


Kenzie Wheeler

Corey Ward

Ryleigh Modig

Gihanna Zoe

Anna Grace

JD Casper


 Avery Roberson (stolen from Team Blake during Battle Rounds)


 Savanna Woods (saved during Battle Rounds, moving to 4-Way Knockout)


Halley Greg (eliminated during Battle Rounds)


Victor Solomon

Ciana Pelekai

Pia Renee

Rio Doyle

Carolina Rial–DaBrpw%3Ffeature%3Doembed

Zania Alaké

 Gean Garcia (stolen from Team Kelly during Battle Rounds)


 Deion Warren (eliminated during Battle Rounds)

Denisha Dalton (eliminated during Battle Rounds)

Durell Anthony (eliminated during Battle Rounds)

Christine Cain (eliminated during Battle Rounds)


Cam Anthony

Pete Mroz

Savanna Chestnut

Ethan Lively

Connor Christian

Jordan Matthew Young

 Emma Caroline (saved during Battle Rounds, moving to 4-Way Knockout)


 Aaron Konzelman (eliminated during Battle Rounds)

The Voice airs Mondays at 8pm PT/ET on NBC. See more from season 20 in the video below!

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