The Voice Kids viewers confused by ‘impromptu’ duets: ‘That’s convenient!’

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The Voice Kids returned on Monday night, as young singers aged seven to 14 performed for Danny Jones,, Pixie Lott and new addition Mel C. As the contestants sang their hearts out for the judges to turn around for them, viewers were left annoyed at the amount of “impromptu” duets the judges asked the contestants for.

During the show on Monday night, contestant Joseph who was just 11-years-old performed his song whilst playing the guitar.

This impressed former McFly singer Danny as he turned around, along with Pixie and Mel C, who all fought to have him on their team.

As they began to discuss his history with singing and playing the guitar, Danny asked: “Did you have fun?”

Joseph eagerly replied: “Yeah! I can’t believe you turned!” to which Danny replied: “What are you playing there?”

He told Danny he was playing the guitar he had been gifted last year for Christmas, which left Danny impressed: “Mine’s there, the yellow one, shall we jam?”

Shocked he was about to perform a duet with Danny, Joseph excitedly replied: “Yeah, sure! Can we do a bit of Back in Black?”

The pair stood on stage with their guitars and performed a snippet of the song for the audience and the other judges.

However, some viewers were left unimpressed with the duet, with some believing the performance was rehearsed.

@Mr_MC_73 wrote: “I mean, I’m not saying that #TheVoiceKids is set up, but it seems a bit of a coincidence that the band were ready for an ‘impromptu’ jam of a random song picked by the kid.”

@frustmania added: “Very well-rehearsed #TheVoiceKids,” with a thinking emoji alongside it.

@Berniedoll echoed: “Oh… an impromptu jam… #TheVoiceKids.”

@alfdewsbury commented: “#TheVoiceKids Wonder how many times that bit was rehearsed?”

After jamming with Danny on stage, he decided to pick him to be his coach to progress to the next round and gain some advice from him.

Joseph wasn’t the only contestant to have an impromptu duet as two other children were asked to perform a separate routine.

At the beginning of the show, 11-year-old Mikaela blew the judges away with her performance as they all pressed their buzzers.

After learning her whole family sings, the judges asked for them to come out on stage and sing altogether.

@JillHudson21 commented: “The family sounded good but not staged much!”

Another contestant, nine-year-old Archie, was asked to show the judges some dance moves after singing a Jersey Boys-inspired song.

Pixie asked Archie: “Everyone was dancing I loved the song! Have you seen Jersey Boys?”

He replied: “I tried to watch the movie, but there were too many swear words.”

Danny went on to ask: “Do you do the moves like Frankie Valli as well? Do you reckon you could teach us a little move?”

All four judges got to the feet, ready for Archie to teach them some dance moves he learnt from performing.

The Voice Kids continues Tuesday night from 7:30pm on ITV and ITV Hub. 

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