The Repair Shop viewers break down in tears as grieving parents bring in late daughter's prized possession

THE REPAIR Shop viewers were left in tears as grieving parents appeared on the show with their late daughter's prized trophy.

The visibly emotional couple, Gil and Sue Duffy, were hopeful experts could help fix the memorial piece.

Gil and Sue chatted to host Jay Blades and ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay about their daughter Krissy and the story behind the broken keepsake.

The trophy made of glass was created to reflect Krissy's two passions, which were horses and cars.

They then went on to talk about their daughter's death and Gil explained: "One weekend she came over to stay with us – she was really, really down, not like her at all. She was depressed.

"She underwent all sorts of treatments and tablets and so on, but really, it didn't get much better.

"And one morning in 2001 we woke up, and she'd taken her own life."

The heartbreaking story soon had BBC One viewers commenting on Twitter and one wrote: "Oh goodness, I'm already crying at #TheRepairShop."

Another said: "I never watch live TV but for some reason I have #TheRepairShop on. Just heard a lovely couple talking about their daughter who died by suicide and it broke my heart.

"I hope they can fix the glass trophy in her honour."

A third added: "Well I’ve gone already ! Who else is crying? @TheRepairShop gets me every time!

"The trophy story is so sad #therepairshop".

Sue went on to explain the history behind the trophy and how it connected to Krissy's interests.

She said: "At five, she insisted we took her to a local riding school, where she learnt to ride.

"She competed at pony club and then national events, but she also liked to follow her father in racing.

"She was always opening up cars and having a look to see how they could be made faster and better."

Gil added: "Krissy and I worked on the cars, raced all over the country. She was very competitive."

"You must have lots of very happy memories," said Kirsten.

Gil went on: "The drivers in the championship really missed her, and so we thought we would commission the trophy to keep her memory alive and her spirit alive.

"For the last 17 years, we've been presenting it each year at Donington Park – Donington was her favourite circuit. So whoever wins that race, we present for the year."

They then went on to recall their devastation when a previous winner posted back the trophy and they discovered it had broken into two.

Having tried and failed to get it fixed before, The Repair Shop experts were their last hope.

Completely aware of the momentous task ahead, Kirsten admitted that mending glass would be hard, but that she "has her ways".

Gil and Sue later returned to the shop to see the repaired memento.

The paired were visibly stunned by the transformation and Sue gushed: "That's fantastic. Thank you so much."

She then got emotional and added: "I can't believe it.

"It can keep her memory going."

The Repair Shop airs Wednesday on BBC One at 8pm.

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