The real-life Janice and Gunther just answered all of your lingering ‘Friends’ questions

Oh… my…. God.

As “Friends” celebrates its 25th anniversary, In The Know caught up with two of the show’s most beloved actors: Maggie Wheeler, who played Chandler’s ridiculous on-and-off fling Janice, and James Michael Tyler, who played Central Perk staple Gunther.

The co-stars sat down for a game of “Fact or Fanfiction?” to address lingering fan questions about the show, which premiered in 1994, enjoyed a remarkable decade-long run and remains by far one of the most popular shows streaming online. (It’s on Netflix now, but in 2020 it will move to WarnerMedia’s new service.)

Wheeler and Tyler opened up on-screen romances, the theories that just won’t die — and a little-known casting secret: Is it true that both Janice and Gunther were originally slated as just single-episode characters?

“For Janice, it was a one-shot deal, single episode,” Wheeler confimed, while Tyler added that he was originally hired as an extra and didn’t become an actual character for a full year and a half of production.

Watch in the video above.

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