The Cube fans left cringing over intense scenes as bosses introduce new segment

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As big fans of The Cube, grandad Rob and granddaughter Chloe appeared on the show with full plans on how to win each round – but they were taken by surprise.

While the pair sailed through the first through rounds thanks to their practice at home and incredible expertise in the show hosted by Phillip Schofield, they were soon hit with a twist.

In a brand new segment on the show, Rob and Chloe needed to hold up two poles and drop a ball in the middle of a container – an incredibly difficult challenge.

The duo looked awestruck as they spotted the new challenge, confessing that they didn't come prepared for that to be added into the mix.

Phil reaffirmed that the new challenge wouldn't have been in his notebook, adding: "They've introduced it new for the series."

After one failed attempt, the pair decided to make it a little bit easier and simplified the round, making the container to catch the ball in that little bit bigger.

Luckily, this seemed to do the trick, but it didn't leave fans impressed, who were left completely awestruck and cringing.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: "This game is so tense."

Another wrote: "I'm cringing, this is too much. This is so intense."

A third person said: "Yay well done Rob and Chloe game four completed with £20,000 secured!"

However, it wasn't the final game they had, with Rob and Chloe heading through to game six and managed to land £100,000.

They had the opportunity to go higher with another game of drop – the very game which left viewers cringing – but the pair didn't think it was worth the risk.

Instead, the pair were able to make the decision as to whether they wanted to keep £100,000 or take home £250,000.

Chloe told her grandad: "I am so thrilled with what we've done," before the pair said, "Thank you Phil, we will take the money."

The pair will be heading home with a whopping £100,000 as Phil said: "You've just played The Cube and changed your lives!"

Although they didn't officially beat The Cube, they are heading home with £100,000 – a success at any rate.

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