'The Challenge': Wes Bergmann Reveals Root of Issue With Yes Duffy: 'It Hurt My Feelings'

The Challenge: All Stars 3 includes a rivalry between two-time champ Wes Bergmann and All Stars 1 winner Yes Duffy. The show makes it seem like the two don’t see eye-to-eye during the season due to differences in gameplay. However, Wes claimed there’s more to it in a Twitter thread.

Wes Bergmann released screenshots of direct messages between him and Yes Duffy before ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’

Following The Challenge: All Stars 3 Episode 3, Wes Bergmann went into depth regarding his rivalry with former champ Yes Duffy.

In a Twitter thread, he posted a screenshot of an October 7 direct message from Yes in which the All Stars 1 winner began by stating that others wanted them to connect.

Wes replied by claiming he looked forward to meeting as they shared similar professional interests and wanted to talk more “on location.” However, Yes asked for his number, and Wes claims they set up a phone call and had a “cool” conversation about “normal s–t.”

Once they arrived at the hotel before the season, the two-time champ recalled that Yes taught him “the All Stars way of playing fair.” When the competition began, and they ended up in the first Authority together, Wes explained he attempted to play fairly by voting how he taught because “I’m kinda trying to play with the man.” During the next Authority, which Wes wasn’t a part of, he claimed he heard Yes telling the others that he listened to Wes’ episode on seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s podcast and didn’t like how he plays the game.

Wes admitted Yes ‘hurt my feelings’

Therefore, Yes attempted to nominate him for elimination, allegedly claiming that Wes makes “his skin crawl.” The Duel winner said it surprised him to hear what Yes said behind his back because “this is a guy who I’ve never crossed, never said a bad thing about, and whom reached out to me.”

Wes claims he discovered the All Stars 1 champ began “researching” him once the cast leaked and listened to his conversation with Johnny.

Then, instead of “ignoring” or asking him about it, Wes believes Yes sent him a direct message to “befriend him,” only to try and nominate him for elimination at the first chance. While he stated he doesn’t care about others “pre-gaming” or creating fake alliances with him, it bothers him when people play that way and don’t “own it.”

The veteran called it “fake” and “inauthentic,” adding that Yes is “just as unfair and cutthroat as the rest of us.” He closed his thread by pointing out he felt “judged” by his co-star, admitting “it hurt my feelings.” 

Yes has since responded to Wes with screenshots of their text messages

Yes quickly responded to Wes’s claims by posting more screenshots of their direct messages.

After asking for the two-time champ’s number, Yes included his next reply in which he noted it’s “cool” if Wes doesn’t want to talk before the season.

“I’m not trying to scheme or anything. Just saying hi and sharing any intel you might care about,” he added. In Wes’s response, he said he would “love to chat” and said he doesn’t “know much” as he’s recently stepped away from the community.

The All Stars 1 winner posted a final screenshot of their text messages which portrayed Wes as the one more eager to speak to him on the phone. He has since asked Wes to reach out to him to talk, noting he’s “old school” and not as active on Twitter. The Challenge: All Stars 3 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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