The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki takes swipe at Kaley Cuoco as she announces The Flight Attendant release date

The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki has taken a friendly swipe at Kaley Cuoco as she is set to announce the release of The Flight Attendant.

Kaley and Johnny starred as dream couple Penny and Leonard Holfstader on the popular sitcom which finished in 2019.

Speaking on her Cup of Cuoco Instagram series, Kaley, 34, told her followers on Monday: "Tomorrow and Tuesday, I am very excited – I will be dropping tonnes of Flight Attendant information.

"Yeah lots, dropping something tomorrow and some big information on Tuesday and then I think I’m going to do an Instagram live on Tuesday night. I think I’ve only done it twice ever but I thought this would be fun."

She added: "Once I’ve dropped the exciting info on Tuesday I thought I’ll do one Tuesday night, maybe 7pm EST so 4pm back home if that works for you.

"I’ll answer some questions and get you all excited for The Flight Attendant premiere, which is just around the corner. I’m really excited for the show, I hope you like it."

Jonny, 45, won't be tuning along with her legion of fans as he joked: "I’m busy Tuesday," to which Kaley responded with the crying of laughter emoji.

Kaley is starring in and executive producing The Flight Attendant and will play Cassandra "Cassie" Bowden.

Her character wakes in her hotel room hungover from the night before in Dubai with a dead body lying next to her.

She continues as if nothing happened and was later met by FBI agents in New York for questioning, which makes her wonder if she was the killer.

It was last week that she wrapped filming on The Flight Attendant.

The actress paid an emotional farewell to her new thriller in a moving clip before thanking the entire cast and crew for all their hard work.

"That’s a wrap for Cassie, on season one of The Flight Attendant. Thank you to every single person that’s been part of this project. You are important and I couldn’t do this without you. 

"I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend crying."

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