'The Bachelorette': This Prediction For Who's Going to Win Hannah B.'s Season Makes So Much Sense

It’s only a few weeks into Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, but there’s alreadyenough drama and rumors to last a lifetime. There are somany reasons this season is especially intriguing, not the least of which arethe contestants themselves. And while there are some early favorites, oneblogger has already decided who is goingto win the season.

Hannah B. is clearly delighted with her selection of suitorsand evenadmitted to being “extremely sexual” and proud of it. But while so manyfans were assuming Luke P. had the season clinched, there was a tense momentwhen Hannah called him “cocky” and seemed turned off by his attitude. Does itmean everything could change?

The king of BachelorNation spoilers is named Reality Steve, and he’s already figured out who’sgoing to win Hannah’s heart. At least he says he does.

Who will Hannah B. choose to marry on ‘The Bachelorette’?

The ending of The Bachelorette doesn’t always include an engagement ring, but in this case, it very well might. Here’s what Reality Steve predicts is going to happen.

Potential spoiler alert: This could very well be a spoiler for who is going to win The Bachelorette. However, ABC has not substantiated any of the claims and they remain completely speculative at this point. If you want to remain totally surprised, stop reading now. Or just take this information for what it is—an educated guess.

Sometimes the runners up are just as important as the winner,and in Hannah’s season, those men are pilot Peter Weber, super hottie LukeParker, and Jed Wyatt, who is seen embarking on a hometown date with Hannah duringa trailer. So it’ll be down to him and oneother guy, and he’ll get to spend time with our heroine in the fantasysuite. You go, Jed!

And the winner will be…

Bachelor Nation fans who were betting on Luke P. to pull it off are going to be disappointed—ultimately, Hannah is going in a different direction, even if her physical attraction to Luke is palpable. The winner of this season of The Bachelorette (according to Reality Steve, anyway) is going to be general contractor Tyler Cameron.

Tyler is a lot more down-to-Earth and “safe” compared to Lukeor Peter, which is precisely what makes him husband material. And according toSteve, he and Hannah are definitely engaged right now. They’re just not allowedto tell anyone.  

Has Reality Steve ever been wrong before?

With all the insider information and insight, it seems like RealitySteve is a rogue employee working at ABC. But the fact is he’s been wrongwith his predictions in seasons past, which leads fans to believe he’s justreally good at guessing.

Whether Tyler and Hannah end up together or not, it’s alwaysfun to make predictions on who will triumph the show and who will go homeheartbroken. In a few weeks, we’ll see if Steve called it correctly!

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