'The Bachelorette': Fans Have Strong Opinions on Who Should be the Next Bachelor

We are getting down to the wire on The Bachelorette. On last night’s episode, we lost three men, taking the count from seven to four. While some of the breakups have been extremely hard to watch, (did no one else tear up watching Hannah Brown say goodbye to Mike Johnson?) there is one good thing that comes from seeing some of your favs riding the limo off into the sunset.

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They now have a chance to be the next Bachelor.

Every year around this time, fans start speculating about who they want to take the lead next season. The Bachelor usually comes from the top few men on the previous Bachelorette season, so it’s time to start choosing.

There is one guy who fans certainly don’t want to see in the lead role and that is Luke Parker.

He has been the villain since almost episode one and fans are truly ready for him to get off of their television screens.

“Thinking about last week when @chrisbharrison asked Hannah what she sees in Luke after the rose ceremony… when I realized even production wants him to go,” one fan tweeted after this week’s episode.

Most people have been baffled as to how Parker has stayed this long and beaten out this many men.

“So 2 GREAT guys go home and LUKE STAYS!!!!” one fan wrote. “I can’t even comprehend this. He is obviously drama. DROP HIM. Wonder what Hannah thinks watching the show.”

So, who do fans actually want to be the Bachelor?

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson has been a fan favorite since he called Parker out after he told Brown he was falling in love with her so early on. Since then, Johnson has been open and honest with Brown all the way through the process. He even hugged her while she broke up with him! Could we ask for a better man?

His good looks and charming personality have wooed fans enough to want to see him as the next Bachelor.

“The bachelor we alllll deserve after watching this season,” one fan tweeted with pictures of Johnson. “He’s perfection. Somebody at ABC needs to make this happen!!! #TheBachelor“

While breaking up with Johnson, Brown described how he has three women in his life, his mom, his grandma, and his sister, and that, unfortunately, she could not be the fourth.

But fans are ready for Johnson to find someone to fill that spot.

“Mike for Bachelor!!!” one fan wrote. “Let him find his fourth lady.”

Johnson as the Bachelor would make history.

“Can we please make Mike the first black Bachelor in Bachelor history?” one fan wrote.

The following for him to be the next lead has gotten so serious that people have even made a petition.

Tyler Cameron

While people love Johnson, Tyler Cameron is also a fan favorite.

People love how Cameron empowers Brown.

“Luke: I would move mountains for her. Tyler C: she has the ability to move mountains PENCILS OUT BOYS!!! TAKE NOTES!!!” one fan wrote.

Even former Bachelor contestant Amanda Stanton is in on the Cameron love.

“Luke P sounds like a lunatic,” she tweeted. “Jed is a cheater, has a girlfriend and is an outfit repeater. Tyler C is hot. We all love Tyler C. Got it.”

We’ll have to wait until after Bachelor in Paradise to find out who will actually get the role, but it’s safe to say Bachelor nation will be petitioning for these two until that happens.

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