‘The Bachelor’ Season 24, Episode 8 Recap: Are you kidding me, Peter?

Because she’s been there and done that, literally, former Bachelor contestant/tear fountain Ashley Iaconetti is recapping this season of The Bachelor for Cosmopolitan. With insider insight as well as a clear eye for what’s going down both in front of and behind the cameras, read on for her thoughts.


Peter kept Victoria F. This was one of the most jaw-dropping moments I can remember from this entire franchise. I was absolutely shook that he didn’t eliminate her right there on the steps of her childhood home when she refused to talk to him like an adult. How did he not dig into her more about the allegation that she has broken up multiple relationships? Peter brought it up just once (that we saw), and Victoria F. flipped out the way she tends to do during difficult conversations.

Victoria F. completely changed the narrative.

Somehow she managed to make herself the victim in the situation. She blames Peter for prioritizing talking about what Merissa told him over meeting her family. This was a perfect example of gaslighting, or the specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else to question their own reality, memory or perceptions.

Is Peter so into her that he just wants to push everything under the rug?

I’m mind-boggled by how Peter learned such heavy information and was manipulated enough not to investigate it further. He even apologized to her at one point, and didn’t even bring up the allegation when she came to visit him in his hotel the next day. If things continue with them, he’s in for one hellish relationship and will be flushing his self-worth down the toilet.

I’m glad Peter called Victoria F. out on not fighting for the things she wants.

She’s always threatening to give up on their relationship whenever a tough conversation needs to be had. The way she behaved in response to his question was confirmation enough for me that she did break up relationships. She tried distracting from the topic (and apparently it worked).

I don’t seek out spoilers, but…

Sometimes they come across my desk, if you know what I mean. (Usually I get wind of spoilers via Bachelor fans’ comments on my IG photos.) So I did know prior to this episode that Victoria F. allegedly broke up some relationships. When I read that a trusted ex of Peter’s had approached him about her reputation, I assumed that he would dump her immediately. In my head all season, I thought okay, I know Victoria F. gets eliminated during hometowns week. I was astonished to see her get a rose after the way this all went down. However, I knew the moment that she was invited to the rose ceremony that she’d be moving on in the “competition.” If he was going to dump her, he was going to dump her in Virginia Beach.

Peter made some other mistakes this week, too.

Keeping Victoria F. around was not the only mistake Peter made in this episode. He also prematurely said, “I’m falling in love with you” to Hannah Ann, minutes after her dad told him not to say it until he was sure it was the real deal. I interpret this as Mr. Sluss saying “Don’t say ‘I love you’ until you’ve decided to choose her in the end.” Peter’s already told Maddie he’s falling in love with her as well, so Hannah Ann is hardly the crowned victor at this point. This moment just seemed like a betrayal to the conversation he had with her dad. I feel like Peter was feeling especially close to Hannah Ann and wanted to make her feel good and loved, but wasn’t thinking about how this could lead her on to think she sealed the deal. But also, I don’t live in Peter’s heart…maybe the feelings of love were undeniable, and he felt it would have been wrong to keep them to himself.

Peter is too kind-hearted and too pure for this process.

The mistakes Peter has been making have been out of naivety, being too trusting of others, and wanting to make the women feel safe, secure, and loved. Bachelor Nation has been disappointed in some of his decision-making. If you don’t love Peter as The Bachelor, it may be because he’s too sweet for this “job,” and that’s not usually a bad thing.

The teaser for the rest of the season seems to further confirm my theory from last week.

In one sentence, my theory was that there’s drama around Madison’s decision to wait until marriage to have sex and that she leaves without saying goodbye to Peter on what would normally be “proposal day.” This week’s teaser leads us all to believe that he sleeps with one or both of the other girls during fantasy suites, and that it’s a huge issue for Madison.

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And one last thing…

I noticed that the girls are all staying together in one hotel suite next week. Normally after hometowns the girls are almost completely separated. There’s only one reason why they’d be sharing a living space at this point, and that’s drama. I predict that the peak dramatic moment will be that Madison leaves after Peter sleeps with Victoria F.

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