The Affair: Anna Paquin Makes Her Debut in Final Season Trailer — Watch

The Affair‘s final season is fast approaching, but it doesn’t seem many happy endings are in store.

Showtime on Tuesday released a full-length trailer for Season 5, which promises that “the end of a chapter brings a new beginning” — even though there’s a lot of emotional baggage for these characters to unpack in the meantime.

Much of the trailer (which you can view above) centers on Noah, who attempts to atone for his past mistakes with Helen and his kids. “You walked out on our lives and left me alone with four children,” Helen reminds her ex, who is forced to get a little introspective when his novel Descent is adapted into a film.

The teaser also includes the first footage of Anna Paquin, who will appear in a future-set storyline as the adult version of Joanie, Cole and Alison’s daughter.

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to be the opposite of Alison, because I’m so worried that I’m going to end up exactly like her,” Joanie admits in the video. (And she’s not given a whole lot of reassurance there, especially when another character calls her “so f—king broken.”)

As previously reported, neither Ruth Wilson nor Joshua Jackson will return for The Affair‘s final season. The 11-episode sendoff begins Sunday, Aug. 25 at 9/8c.

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