Teen Mom star Vee Rivera reveals she visits sex shops with husband Jo and wears lingerie at home to spice up marriage

TEEN Mom's Vee Rivera revealed she's visited sex shops with her husband Jo and wears lingerie at home to spice up marriage.

She and Kailyn spoke on their podcast about how it's sometimes challenging to feel sexy after having kids.

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Vee told Kailyn on their Baby Mamas No Drama podcast: "I love lingerie and toys and stuff like that… I love new toys… A date for me and Joe used to be going to the movies and going to the sex store and then going home and trying all the stuff. That's so much fun to me. That's a thrill to me. It was more for me. Like damn I'm going to feel sexy. I love feeling empowered… and dominant at some times…

"After I had kids I feel like I just really lost that for a while. My mind is just somewhere else all the time… Does he miss when we used to have sex all the time. I used to wear lingerie…

"That's the hardest part- trying to keep that spice but also still owning the fact we're not the same people that we were back then… I wish I could get back to who I was before kids."

The new podcast also saw Kailyn and Vee reunite after a nasty feud that "nearly ended podcast."

Vee said on Baby Mamas No Drama: "This is the first time being together in a long time, and I know we owe you an explanation."

Kailyn added: "We had some hiccups, and it was old stuff. But it was new to me… I think a lot of people were confused and thought it was a co-parenting thing, but it wasn't."

Vee tried to explain: "They like immediately think it's over Jo, but Jo has nothing to do with this. Unfortunately, it was something that happened really long ago, and I totally regret it."

Kailyn went on: "But I just found out. So I just needed some time to process it, and then I kind of reverted back to how I felt when I kind of found out…

"It was just like a little bit of a mess, and you guys will see a lot of it on Teen Mom. We kind of want to leave as much as we can of it to the show mainly because more details will come out… And we will revisit it on another episode of Baby Mamas."

On an earlier episode this month of Baby Mamas No Drama, Vee was without Kailyn and was joined by her “best friend Alessandra."

She shared solo episodes would continue until Kailyn is “back from vacation.”

Jo Rivera’s wife added: “Then we will be together again. I know you guys want to hear from us, so you definitely will. We’re not leaving you in the dark.”

Kailyn previously said Vee had quit their Baby Mamas No Drama podcast after an unexpected fight.

Kailyn explained: "Things have transpired in the past week or so, and so I think I'm going to continue the podcast by myself. Baby Mama all drama right now."

Vee then shared more from her side of the story, saying: "I'm actually doing an episode, so I'll be on Tuesday, it would just be me and my best friend we're going to do an episode.

"Me and Kail decided that we're going to like kinda do episodes separately until we get our s**t together." 

Vee continued: "There's a lot going on but like we're fine. I'm actually filming with her later or whatever but we're okay.

"I just don't want you guys to like worry too much. We're just you know, we have to work through some things.

"It's normal, but the show must go on so I will be having my own episode next week. And she'll have her episode with Tony.

"But we are still here, we are still gonna podcast, and yeah I can't wait."

Earlier this month, Kailyn and Vee hashed out their feud over lunch as the MTV cameras rolled. 

Kailyn confessed she was "kinda nervous."

Kailyn shares Isaac, 11, with Vee's hubby Jo Rivera, 34, and Lincoln, seven, with Javi Marroquin, 28.

She also shares Lux, 3, and Creed, 10 months, with Chris Lopez, 27.

Jo and Vee share their daughter Vivi, six.

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