Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's mom Deb, 63, declares 'I'm a rebel' & slams 'haters' who call her music video 'embarrassing'

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen declared she’s a “rebel” and slammed haters who called her music video “embarrassing.”

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the singer ripped haters who criticized her music and extravagant wardrobe. 

Debra, 63, who goes by her stage name DebzOG, is gearing up to release her first album titled Rhebɘl on November 25. 

Deb was called “embarrassing” by haters when she posted a video dancing in a see-through shirt and pants while wearing a bra and thong in celebration of her upcoming album. 

She told The Sun: “That’s why I’m a rebel! You need to feel good about who God created you to be. You need to be that person. That is the reason I did that video. I want people to feel good about themselves. Not everyone needs plastic surgery or mommy makeovers. I’m about feeling good and positive about yourself.

“What are these haters so afraid of? Do something like this that you always dreamed of doing and see if it makes you feel good. Are you afraid to be happy? Let’s go do something you always dreamed of and make it happen! 

“I make my music videos quirky. I want people to think. I have a social commentary in each one. If people who are haters miss it, I’m excited for people who get it and write me and say that’s the story and yeah I agree with you.”

One fan wrote of the ensemble in the video: “When you order Madonna on Wish.”

A third wrote: “Omg she needs to stop.. Seriously just stoppp😭😭”

Others called the video a “literal nightmare” and said they “so do not understand her life.”

Debra is known for her revealing and innovative outfits. 

Last month, Debra teased her new rap single Bullets & Booze in an Instagram post.

The former Teen Mom OG star wore a plunging striped black button-up shirt, which included a white collar and a tiny black tie.

The caption read: "A little sample of my new song being released soon: 'Bullets & Booze'! What do you think? Check out the full video on my YouTube in the link in bio.”

For her White Woman’s Rap music video, she wore nipple pasties and a see-through top with leather shorts.

Debra told The Sun of her upcoming album: “I’m doing things differently and unexpectedly. The new album is about bad relationships and overcoming them and believing in yourself. It’s about being empowering and inspiring and sure about yourself.”

The new album will feature five brand new songs and her popular track White Woman’s Rap.

She’s currently in Los Angeles to promote her music. 

She said: "We’re submitting my music for film and TV. I miss being on TV. From the new album, I’m looking for songs to be played on The Hills or Siesta Key.”

Farrah’s mom has previously defended her music to The Sun, including her White Woman’s Rap music video, as fans criticized her scantily-clad outfits and “off the rails” dance moves. 

Debra said of her work: “A lot of people don’t realize I am a singer and rapper. I’m not on drugs, I’m not high, I’m an artist.

"I love music. What you see in my videos is who I am. I want this to be about my music and my music career.”

She continued: “The fact that I am in my own lane. I’m trying to encourage and inspire people who have dreams and feel like they are too old or not talented enough.

"I am here to tell them they have to believe in themselves. That’s the point of my music. To have courage, tenacity and to just do it.”

Meanwhile, her daughter Farrah, 29, announced she is running for a government position. 


"My experiences have lead me to this valuable place that I do not take for granted.”

Farrah, who is mom to daughter Sophia, 12, also claimed she has a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Harvard University, which fans questioned.

Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG in 2017 over her harsh treatment of the crew and involvement in X-rated webcam videos. 

Farrah recently made headlines after filing a police report against Dominic Foppoli, the mayor of Windsor, California, for sexual battery in April. 

Nine women, including the reality star, accused the mayor of sexual misconduct. 

Farrah’s attorney claimed he assaulted her while they were visiting the area in March.

Dominic resigned from his position and said of Farrah’s claims: "I have no doubt she is making these allegations in an attempt to leverage the situation to her advantage.”

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