Teen Mom Amber Portwood makes her new man undergo a lie detector test and says she’s ‘surprised’ by the results – The Sun

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood had her new Belgian boyfriend undergo a lie detector test in an exclusive sneak peek of next week’s episode.

Amber, 29, exclusively told The Sun that the results of the test “surprised” her and will likely be a shock to viewers.

In the Teen Mom OG clip, Amber insisted her relationship with Dimitri Garcia, 39, is “going great.”

But she continued: “I’ve been burned before and I’m not sure if I can fully trust him.”

“On top of that, it just leaked in the press that we’re dating and I’m not sure if he has something to do with it.”

The Sun exclusively broke in December that the MTV star began dating the father-of-two from Belgium after he reached out to her over social media.

In the video, Amber asked her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, who she shares daughter Leah, 11, with, for his advice while Dimitri was out for a run.

The mother of two told her ex: “Honestly all I want from a guy is just honesty. I’m way honest with men, which is how they get me.”

She continued that she wants him to take a lie detector test.

Amber said: “You don’t know what anybody’s intentions are either. You don’t know what they’re coming for. Having fame or your name in the media. Some people want that.

“I just want to make sure he’s loyal, honest.”

Gary added: “Are you here for the show? Are you here for money? Are you here to be a citizen? What if those come back that he’s lying?”

Amber responded: “Then he’s gone! I’m just going to say, 'F**k you, you’re out!'”

Amber told The Sun of the results: “I was surprised. A lot of people will be surprised. I’m not going to say everything is perfect. He’s a good guy, but I think people will be surprised.”

Dimitri made his Teen Mom debut during a FaceTime session earlier in the season.

Amber, who is also mom to son James, 1, from a previous relationship, said on the show: “I’m really enjoying getting to know Dimitri, a new guy I’ve been talking to.

“He’s a very handsome man. I started opening up to him and we decided to meet since we like each other. I let Gary know about him and I hope he’s supportive.”

On last week’s episode, the dad of two arrived to Indiana for his three-month stay.

The two shared a sweet kiss when they met at the airport.

Gary, who drove Amber to the airport, even provided the couple with his It’s Gary Time condoms!

On the show, Dimitri also met her daughter Leah and Gary’s wife Kristina, who all seemed to approve of her new man.

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