SWAT’s Shemar Moore sparks fan meltdown with season 5 premiere tease: ‘Incredible!’

Moment SWAT team breaks into Florida classroom amid shooting

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After a shocking end to season four, fans were left wondering about the fate of Sergeant Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson’s (played by Shemar Moore) career after he was demoted. The SWAT actor shared exciting news the series would be back on CBS in October and fans went crazy in the comments.

Season four saw Hondo lose his position as Lieutenant of the Los Angeles Police Department after a series of Black Justice Now protests.

They were the result of Hondo speaking to the press and exposing racism in the department.

This sparked a number of anti-racism protests across the city and the opposing white nationalist group, Imperial Dukes, returned for a showdown.

With Hondo the most hated officer in minds of extremists and at work with fellow colleagues, he was demoted as cause of it all.

This was a surprise for fans as Hondo was admired by his team and superiors who were impressed by his intuition. This led to his promotion.

He used his position to encourage his team to rely on respect and communication to deal with potential suspects and witnesses rather than force and aggression.

This made Hondo an admired member of the LAPD, especially in the community he worked in, as it was the area he was raised in and locals knew him by name.

Demotion was a complete 180 for Hondo, but he felt obliged to expose the inequalities as he understood the risks of racist cops patrolling the streets.

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With fans concerned about the trajectory of Hondo’s career, they were excited by the news the series would be back with the fifth season.

Shemar posted a photo of his character on his Instagram page and in the caption he put: “Aaayyeee!!! Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! SEASON 5 of #SWAT is back OCTOBER 1!!! Get ready for an INCREDIBLE season premiere.”

After Shemar posted the tease on his Instagram, the comments section exploded with viewers elated.

One fan said: “Thank God I was missing my swat boys!!!”

“I can’t wait to see season five, it’s going to be great,” another posted.

An excited viewer shared: “I’m counting down the days, can’t wait to see my favourite show, with the best group of people.”

“So excited, can’t wait to watch Hondo kick ass again,” a fan added.

With Hondo making enemies at work, many of his colleagues wanted him fired rather than demoted.

With no physical evidence of racism, if internal affairs were to involved, it be his word against theirs.

However, the LAPD wouldn’t be the same without his leadership if an investigation into allegations sees him giving up his role as lieutenant permanently.

Fans will have to tune into wait to season five to find out what will happen to Hondo and if he would return to his leadership position.

All episodes of SWAT is available to stream on CBS.

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