‘Stupid old fool!’ Radio show descends into chaos as presenters start furious verbal row

Talk Radio: Kevin O'Sullivan clashes with James Whale

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Kevin O’Sullivan exploded into a rage at his TalkRadio colleague over James Whales habit of listening into O’Sullivan’s show and commenting on the callers. The latest in a string of fiery spats involving the pair saw O’Sullivan brand Whale a “stupid old fool!’ Mr Whale slammed his co-host in return saying he did not want to be seen on-screen with him.

Mr O’Sullivan told his TalkRadio co-host: “Oh don’t start shouting about my callers.

“Is that all you do? Oh, no forget it…forget it, forget it.

“Honestly, what is wrong with you?

“What is wrong with you? You stupid old fool!”

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Mr Whale fired back: “Go away!

“Cut me off, I don’t to be seen with him.

“Thank you very much that’s enough.”

Mr O’Sullivan snapped: “Stop listening to my callers, do something else!”

Kevin O'Sullivan and James Whale clash in radio debate

The incident is not the first time the pair have traded verbal blows.

Last month the radio hosts at a bitter on-air spat over the right to question someone’s vaccination status.

Back in November, Mr O’Sullivan refused to give Mr Whale his vaccine status and said his co-host should respect the issue as a “private medical matter.”

Mr Whale asked: “Have you had one or two jabs then? How many have you had?”

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Mr O’Sullivan slapped down his colleague: “That is none of your business is it”.

Mr Whale fired back: “I’ll put money on it you have never been jabbed have you!

“There is one hundred pounds on the table!

“Come on! Have you been jabbed? I know you are short of a few bobs! Have you been jabbed or not?”

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