Stunned Monty Don breaks silence after Gardeners' World flooded with complaints for mind-boggling reason

GARDENER'S World star Monty Don couldn't help but speak out after the show was flooded with bizarre complaints.

The green-fingered host broke his silence after he was accused of using fake birds to create an atmosphere on the BBC show.

Conveying his bemusement, Monty, 65, revealed: "I get letters asking why we lay fake birdsong over filming in the garden because – I assume – viewers cannot believe that it could ever be that present or loud.

"Yet there are lots of birds that are a hidden, constant presence that I largely take for granted."

Writing in his book My Garden World: The Natural Year, the broadcaster explained: "But putting out feed in the winter months changes all this.

"I get to see close up and for extended periods birds that disappear into the fabric of the garden from mid-spring."

Going on to detail the winged creatures which visit his garden, the star wrote in the 2020 book: "My favourite of all these are the goldfinches.

"They are not remotely rare or unusual but as striking as any bird in the field."

He added: "They specialise in eating the seeds of thistles and can pluck the seeds from the downy seedheads and from the otherwise prickly teasels – which they have self-seeded all over the garden."

Monty has been the lead host of the BBC gardening show since 2003.

A constant on the popular programme, he recently took a short break in April this year.

Monty wrote on social media: "Having been delayed by a year due to Covid I am off today (and for the next four days) to a studio to read My Garden World as an audio book."

He was then asked by a fan if he would be back in time for Gardeners' World.

The horticulturist told his fans that they would be in safe hands as host Adam Frost will take the helm in his absence.

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