Steph’s Packed Lunch stars go makeup-free on air to promote self-confidence

The line-up on Steph's Packed Lunch all agreed to makeup-free for the whole show on Thursday's programme in order to promote self-confidence.

The cast included host Steph McGovern, model Vogue Williams, chef Ruby Bogal and former politician Jacqui Smith as they all posed fresh-faced while speaking openly about their hangups.

During a discussion about women wearing makeup and feeling more comfortable in doing so, Steph asked all of the women on the show if they could join her in taking off their glamorous looks.

The lineup was certainly sceptical and presenter Vogue Williams definitely showed that she was feeling a little scared, as did TV chef Ruby Bhogul.

This empowering move was inspired by a guest on the show, the forthcoming Miss GB contestant, Elle Seline, who will be competing in the competition without wearing makeup.

When chatting about her attitude to wearing makeup, Vogue declared that she always wears it and has buckets of it at home.

Vogue said: "I think you look more put together. If I have makeup on and my hair tied back, I think I look like I've made an effort and look like I'm more put together.

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"When I don't have makeup on I kind of just look really tired."

Host Steph then asked Vogue whether she thinks she needs to wear it when doing her job.

Steph said: "Do you think people think you can't do your job then? Or do you think people will be thinking she's not good at her job if she's not looking good with makeup?"

Vogue responded: "I absolutely adore makeup, I love what it does to your face.

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"I always wear it I have very bad circles under my eyes and went through loads of stages with acne and makeup was amazing to have, and I have buckets of makeup at home.

"I am someone who likes to wear makeup and feels more confident with it."

Steph opened up the discussion of how wearing makeup can alter someone's confidence, revealing 61% of people say they are more confident while wearing slap and a third saying they wouldn't go to work without it.

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After the first break, the cast revealed their gorgeous makeup-free faces and Steph showed off a clip of them doing before and after stances.

Steph introduced her own look by saying: "This is what I look like in real life – a baby mole."

Vogue added: "I feel nervous I didn't think I would. I'm like 'oh god, everyone's going to see my bags.' My eye bags!"

Ruby also chimed in to say: "I'm just trying to ignore the fact it's live TV right now. I'm really trying to block it all out.

"I do feel oddly nervous, but it feels good knowing I don't have to go home and scrape it all off."

Fans of the show flocked to social media to show their support.

One fan said: "Steph has just reignited a crush I've had on her for years after taking her makeup off."

A second tweeted: "All the lasses look amazing without makeup. Love the empowerment."

A third penned: "It's so refreshing to see natural faces on the show today."

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