Stephen Bear’s girlfriend claims she’s ‘made a year’s salary in a day’ through sex vids & splashes out on surgery

STEPHEN Bear's girlfriend, Jessica Smith, says she earns the equivalent of an annual salary in a day thanks to her raunchy vids with him.

Jessica, 22, boasted about her incredible earnings and revealed she would use them to splash out on plastic surgery, including a boob and nose job.

The loved-up couple have been making explicit sex videos while on holiday in Turkey, posting them to Twitter and AVN stars website, an adults only content platform.

The vile reality star, 31, reckoned that the clip, where his girlfriend performed a sex act on him, had netted them over one million and he was in the process of buying a Las Vegas nightclub and luxury car.

Jessica then followed up his claims and told fans how she would be spending her money.

"[sic] can’t believe I’m making peoples yearly salaries daily 🤩, to celebrate I’m getting b👀bies and nose done this week 🤪💗🦄," she wrote.

Stephen retweeted her and wrote: "Beautiful, successful, and loyal … dangerous combination."

The couple are sharing "private content" online, with Stephen tweeting: "Life’s a beach, make to subscribe to my girls admire me page for all our private content. Daily videos that will blow your mind.

"Excited to show you lot what we’ve been getting up to."

Stephen boasted on August 5: "7* views… jetting off for another 2 weeks tomorrow. $24k for 14 nights all inclusive, if you not on holiday make sure to watch my stories and live your life through mine."

That message was shared a few days after Jessica had tweeted: "Loving life getting my toes sucked in a 7* hotel over in Turkey whilst everyone is stuck in England."

Jess, 22, bragged: "I’ve heard we are viral On Twitter . 100 million + views 🌴😏🐾."

This month Jess said of her boyfriend: "He’s got my heart ❤️  xxxxxxx."

Bear previously claimed he'd made £1million from his explicit sex video.

The Sun revealed it was in fact less than £6,000 – even though he was splashing the cash on buying a Las Vegas nightclub and luxury car.

Onlyfans are said to have completely banned him from the X-rated site, meaning Jessica can’t upload the video to her page.

Today, Bear had around 1590 fans on AVN stars, who pay a £10.90 monthly subscription. Theoretically, they could all have joined because he posted that video, which would have made £16,695.

But, in the last two days, he’s been averaging an increase of 50 fans a day, which would mean he’s gained 500 new fans since the clip was first published on August 8. Thus, the video had grossed just £5795 so far.

The pair find themselves in a tricky situation trying to monetise their sex acts, as they’ve been banned from other adult-only websites.

In December, Bear’s OnlyFans was “withdrawn” after a female claimed Bear had uploaded a video of her without her consent, which he’s due to stand trial for in February next year.

Onlyfans are also said to have completely banned him from the site, meaning Jessica can’t upload the video to her page.

After releasing the sex video, Jessica’s AdmireMe.VIP page was also removed.

The video isn’t allowed on mainstream social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, which Bear was banned from in May, but he’s now set up a new IG account.

The couple has already risked four years in prison for breaking strict rules about sharing explicit footage while in Turkey.

Bear had broken two laws by producing an “unnatural sex” video and then sharing it – with the maximum punishment being four years for making it, and three years for putting it on social media.

In April 2015, Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled it illegal for the production, ownership or distribution of pornographic materials containing “unnatural sexual behaviour”.

Controversial Bear, 31, was previously in a relationship with Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby with whom he presented MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us.

The desperate star, who’s folded all seven of his businesses, failed to pay the £1,268 he owed to His and Hers Enterprises Limited, the business he launched with ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby.

Former Geordie Shore favourite Charlotte was left to pay £30,366 to the company's creditors before it was wound up and liquidated last September.

Bear is best known for being in Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother.

In February 2021, The Sun Online reported that he was auditioning for new girlfriends after being dumped by 18-year-old Tia McAlister.

The reality TV star, who announced he was quitting showbiz in April 2021, took to his YouTube channel to publicly appeal for single women to date.

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