Stacey Solomon leaves Lorraine fans divided as she shares tidying hacks on air

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Stacey Solomon shared her top tips for decluttering and tidying on Wednesday's edition on Lorraine and revealed how she stores wires and batteries.

"The best thing you can do, is start with one wire at a time," Stacey urged as she rummaged through a big box filled with wires and plugs.

"I buy these little cable clips and they stick down to the surface, so I put them inside the drawer and then I will take the front of it and put it into this clip so I can see exactly what that wire does and what I use it for," she explained.

Stacey then continued to chat about her top organising tips and how she uses wire clips in drawers to keep everything organised and in order, but fans were divided as they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One fan was loving Stacey's tips and wrote: "Oh @StaceySolomon getting excited over a battery case is everything I needed to set me up for the day! That girl is just pure love!"

Another who loved the segment penned: "Thanks Stacey, i watching earlier on Lorraine when you mentioned about a battery case and thought what a fab idea so i went on Amazon and ordered one."

But there were plenty of viewers who weren't keen on the expectant mother's latest Lorraine segment.

Before the clip aired, one viewer said: "Stacey Solomon’s tidying tips? F***ing hell, they’ve really pulled out the big guns here."

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After the piece aired, comments rolled in from viewers. With one viewer criticising the five-minute clip, saying: "What happens if you haven't got a massive kitchen full of drawers just to store your wires?"

Another said: "Is #StaceySolomon actually getting paid for this?"

A third wrote: "Stacey Solomon has too much storage to have a giant drawer dedicated to chargers and wires that she doesn’t even use."

While a fourth penned: "Are they so short of content ??"

Finally, a fifth said: "Get a life Stace."

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am

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