Spoilers: Pierce prepares to kill Vanessa and Johnny in Emmerdale

Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) worst nightmare is about to come to pass in Emmerdale as she comes face to face with her ex husband, rapist and killer Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather). Pierce has been stalking Rhona since he killed her partner Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), figuring in his head that he saved her from a monster.

At the moment, he is holding a terrified Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) as his hostage and keeping her son Johnny separate. Vanessa is his leverage and Vanessa is appalled to hear that he genuinely believes that he can get back together with Rhona.

Elsewhere, Rhona is well aware that Pierce is on the loose and that she is being stalked but when the police don’t take her seriously, she takes her theory to Kim Tate (Claire King). Initially believing it can’t be true as Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) claimed he killed Graham, Kim dismisses her but then discovers the truth.

After then seeing an image of Pierce, Kim realises that Ollie, the man she believes is her new solicitor, is in fact Pierce. Stunned, she heads off to warn Rhona but time is running out as, through Vanessa’s phone, Pierce is able to contact Rhona and, shaken by what is at stake, she agrees to meet him.

With Pierce making it clear he won’t hesitate in hurting Vanessa and Johnny, Rhona has no choice but to meet with him and pretend that she will be able to forgive him. Pierce is on edge as he gets Rhona to pack her and Leo’s bags so they can make a fresh start and Rhona has to play a careful game to save herself, Vanessa and Johnny.

It’s at this point that Kim arrives and intervenes, only to be thumped over the head by a desperate Pierce and left in a bad way.

As Rhona confronts Pierce over killing Graham, Kim out cold and both Vanessa and Johnny trapped, how will Rhona get out of this unscathed?

And if Pierce realises that he can’t have Rhona, will he kill her? And has he already done something terrible to Vanessa and Johnny after telling them he no longer needs them?

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