Spoilers: Hollyoaks star Talia Grant’s real-life parents join cast for cameo

Brooke Hathaway (Talia Grant) is set to give birth in upcoming Hollyoaks scenes, but that’s not the only surprise in store for viewers in the coming episodes, as actress Talia’s real-life parents Carrie and David Grant will be joining the cast of the soap for a cameo.

Carrie and David will be portraying potential adoptive parents to Brooke and Ollie’s (Aedan Duckworth) baby, and they will appear on screen next week.

As previously revealed, Brooke starts having contractions in the coming episodes and thus she goes into labour. Her labour lasts all night, and Ollie is more excited than ever at the prospect of going to the hospital, but he’s angered when his dad cannot go with him, and thus he resolves to go on his own.

Brooke later gets stressed, as nothing is going to plan but Ollie arrives and puts her at ease, before his baby boy arrives.

Speaking about filming her Hollyoaks scenes, Carrie said: ‘It was so much fun a bit scary at the same time. I am mainly a presenter, singer and vocal coach, so it was in unchartered territory for me, but everyone was so lovely to be around and very encouraging.’

‘All my maternal instincts were wanting to just cuddle her but obviously that’s Nancy’s job!’

‘Just being in Hollyoaks to be honest it was surreal and amazing and a wonderful opportunity. I was pinching myself all day and just reminding myself of how lucky we were.’

David added: ‘I felt a bit rusty having not acted for some time, but I really enjoyed it. It’s a very nice environment in which to work.’

‘had to get myself into a headspace where I wasn’t watching Talia, my daughter but Brooke, an unknown person.’

Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Thursday 20 February at 7pm on E4.

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